Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots and lots of random news!

Firstly, thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! You guys are the best!

Secondly, Ginger, your Godiva chocolates are ordered and should arrive around July 29th so keep your eyes peeled! I had a free shipping coupon so I got you an upgrade- 34 chocolates I think!

Thirdly, Sophie just ate frog food. You know what the frogs eat? Dehydrated worms. I know. So gross. I got the frogs for Rebecca when we sent Tibbles away. A consolation pet if you will.

Fourthly, I've got a possible taker for Tibbles! One of my best lurkers who also happens to be Lily and Rebecca's dance teacher is trying to talk her husband into agreeing to take her. Will you all say a little prayer that Christine takes Tibbles? Thanks!

Fifthly, I was such a good housewife today. I cleaned the upstairs and reorganized my teeny tiny triangle shaped bathroom closet. I think I definitely deserve some left over ice cream cake. Is it wrong that I save the corners for myself? They have the most icing and people- it is so stinkin' good!

Sixthly, my new rug came! Wanna see?

Rebecca is such a patient model. Pugsley just sort of looks like a nit-wit. Bless his sweet heart.

I really love the rug! It brings out the black accents in the room.

Like this typewriter and old scottie dog stuffed animal. It was my dads when he was a boy.

These are silhouettes of my girls. I get them done every year.

The artist is Jean Comerford and she is amazing. She looks at the kids for about 3 minutes and starts cutting. The silhouette is done in about five minutes. I'm always blown away by her talent.

Seventhly, I've got give-away block. I'm trying to come up with something cool and a cat maybe...stay tuned!


marie said...

I love the rug ~ it's perfect! It really does bring out all the black in the room. I noticed the black chair and the fireplace right away. Looks so good.
Your silhouettes are wonderful ~ and how fun tosee the changes in your girls each year. great idea.
I really like the cannisters on the shelf in your living room ~ I wish my brain thought that way. It sees cannisters and thinks kitchen. I like your way better!

~~Carol~~ said...

I'll certainly pray for Tibbles--she deserves another good home.
That rug is so perfect, and worth the wait, I'm sure! I love that you get your girls' silhouettes done every year. That's a collection that is priceless!

Lisa said...

A cat is a wonderful idea! I can't take Tibbles though I have 3 dogs 2 neighbor dogs, and will be keeping 3 more dogs this weekend!!! I do so hope your friend will b able to take Tibbles!!
Your rug is lovely! Well Done on the cleaning! and the silhouettes are amazing!! We have 2 sets of my brother and I, None of my sister and only one of the 6 grandkids! How great you do them every year!
Hugs, Lisa

Elizabeth said...

I love your home , everything looks so inviting !

mgster said...

I have to tell you that your posts make me laugh out loud. For instance, your latest idea for a giveaway! Adore the rug...your daughter and the dog should be in the ad for that rug! Really, the white just brightens up the space and I love it with the red and black. Good choice.

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to you...hope it was a good one. I love the new rug, it looks perfect in your room. I think the silhouettes are really neat. I had some of my kids years ago, but somehow they've disappeared in all the moves.
I sure hope Tibbles goes home with Christine. That would be sweet!!
Did Sophie have any reactions from eating the frog croaking or anything I hope. lol.

Chrissy P said...

Like Elizabeth said, your home is beautiful. Love that rug... you could be an interior decorator, gal! Nice dye on that chair, matches the other furniture perfectly! Wizard of Decor!!