Friday, July 24, 2009

If it's Friday I've been junking and David's first flame war...

Hello, hello my sweet, sweet bloggy-poos!

Today is junk day so I made my way through the rain and wind to Urban Renewals, my favorite junk store on the planet.

My haul was small in quantity but ginormous in quality.

I kept my cool when I saw the McCoy pitcher for 5.99. But just barely.

And I ask you, how on earth was I to resist a bright yellow elephant watering can with googly eyes?

See that book in the back? It's a Popular Mechanics Home Handyman Encyclopedia and Guide published in 1961.

It has lots of instructions.

Like how to make your own bamboo windchimes.

How to install radiant flooring into an outdoor doghouse.

Instructions for building your own pool and diving board.

I kind of like the driftwood candelabra.

Be careful with it though! Or else you could have a...

Christmas tragedy!!!

Who knows why the homemade floating playpen never caught on.

Look ladies, you can spackle too!

But they know that you really want this.

A chair to sit in while you gossip. Of course!

I love this book! Such a sense of optimism! There's a whole section on building boats and the men in the illustrations all have nice slacks and sweater vests on.

Onto an entirely more ridiculous subject...

My husband. Have you met him?

He looks so sensible doesn't he?

This man got himself involved in his very first internet flame war.

What was it about?

Not politics.
Not religion.
Not the environment.

No, David fell into the "cry-it-out vs. co-sleeping" trap.

I spent some time there myself about ten years ago when Rebecca was a baby. Message boards were very popular and for post-partum hormonal women they were a place to make your parenting opinions known.

David was busy earning a living through all of this so he never got involved in this sort of thing.

Then Facebook happened. David loves Facebook. It is a great outlet for someone who is relentlessly outgoing. And it all went well until one of his friends mentioned letting her baby cry herself to sleep.

Since I have shown you pictures of my kiddos snuggled in my bed I think you know how we feel about this issue, but I have the good sense not to get involved.

David could not help himself and so began the drama of the day. He started forwarding me messages from other people on Facebook who let their kids cry. "How should I respond?" he'd ask.

"Ignore it." I typed back.

Then he'd forward another one. "But what about this one?!!?"

"Ignore it." I typed back.

"You can't expect me to ignore this one!!!!" he sent.

"Ignore it." I typed back.

It's been an hour since he sent me an email so I am hopeful that he took my advice and hasn't found himself unfriended by mobs of angry mothers.

If he sends me another email though I know just what I am going to do.

Ignore it. :)


Cheryl said...

Part of David's charm is his willingness to stand up for his beliefs. And he's usually so sensible about picking his battles. Do you suppose he just doesn't know that this is a no-win issue - it's been the parenting battle waged since before Dr. Spock came along. Be grateful you two are on the same side of the debate - can you imagine what the last 10 years would have been like if you disagreed about this?????

annie said...

I'm a college friend of David's & wish I could meet you! He was very congratulatory when I became a LLL leader. My husband is equally shocked by CIO. Like Cheryl wrote I'm so glad we're on the same page.

Ginger said...

I love the Mccoy pitcher you found, with the little strawberries on it. Great price. But the handyman that's a deal. Every woman needs one so we can avoid Christmas tragedies. It was probably an aluminum tree that was going up in flames.
Ahh, the great debate over letting kids cry it out. I tried that one night with my twins, didn't work. I was ready to tear my hair out after a few minutes of their crying. They ended up in our bed for a long time. They are 33 now and still sleeping with someone, but it's their wives now. lol.

Lisa said...

It's a hard one the crying thing!!!!! LOVE your treasures!! You did good!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

You all are either going to flog me for the action and/or bring a third option to the cry-it-out vs. co-sleeping debate. A little puff of air from a can of compressed air can often create a stimulus response that causes the crying to stop.

As for the cry-it-out vs. co-sleeping debate, I would think parents would want to do both. I don't think you would want to condition a child to expect a postive parent response everytime they cried.