Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The power of Rit!

In my kitchen I have a huge squashy chair. I love to sit in it and make lists. To-do lists are my favorite. Makes me feel so productive. Grocery lists are okay, but they always end at the grocery store which would not be too bad if all of the groceries put themselves away when I bring them home.

Making lists in bed can be a napping hazard. I have learned this the hard way people.

The stools in the kitchen are not conducive to contemplative thought.

The chair that I list in is this Ektorp chair.
I bought it in white for $249. Very comfy.

One problem. I was always washing the slipcover because between the dogs and the kids it was constantly filthy.

A trip to Michaels gave me the solution I was looking for. Rit fabric dye! Know what's super fun? You can create custom colors!

The white slipcover to the Ikea chair is only $29 and the Rit dye is about $3. To dye one complete slipcover it costs me about $12.

Here's how it came out.

Now, it's dirty but you can't tell! Camouflage the dirt people- it's the cornerstone of all good housekeeping.

Pretty much every spot in my house is a napping hazard to these two. Be glad that this blog doesn't have a smell feature. These two smell like wet dog. And one of them has unbelievable gas. They won't admit which one it is. But my money's on the little one.


TJIC said...

You may be surprised to learn this, but I dye fabric with some regularity. Dyed a few sweaters black (because, you know, I was a goth...). Dyed some red shirts black, and that mostly did not stick...but it washed out and left a sort of dark magenta, which was nice.

I'm such a girl! Let me tell you about my My Little Pony collection...

mgster said...

Gee, I didn't know they even still made Rit Dye! I can picture the little box it came in and I can remember being little and my mother and grandmother having a big pot of dye on the stove. I don't remember what they were dying, but it seemed they used blue a lot. The cover of your chair looks amazing. And comfortable. And, yeah, as adorable as those doggies are, I am thankful I cannot smell them! :)

David W. Padrusch said...

I want to hear about TJ's Little Pony collection!

Great blog honey. Moo

marie said...

Your blog is simply delightful! Makes me smile everytime I visit.
I love the flow of your thoughts ~ especially the way you sneak in nap references!! ; )

Tracey said...

Your dogs make me smile every time I look at their pictures. Thanks!

Jean said...

Sara it looks great especially with the cutie patooties laying on it. You know me I adore red.
Have a wonderful evening.
Jean in virginia

Lisa said...

SO glad your pups helped prove your point! Mine are always in my way when I take a pic UNLESS I want one of them! Your chair looks great! Well Done!
Hugs, Lisa

Michael said...

Rit is a real cost saver for me. Backgrounds for photography are very pricey. I can go to Jo Ann Fabrics, get some inexpensive white cotton fabric, and dye it the needed color.

It's also handy dying fly tying materials, but that's another subject.

Ginger said...

I love your pug pups. They are just too cute.
I don't know what it is about small dogs, but they sure can stink up a room silently. Must be their digestive system. We call my daughter's Boston Terrior, Rotten Roscoe.
Your chair turned out great. Last time I used dye, the fabric came out like tie dye.