Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coping and a giveaway...

I cannot possibly express how much your support means to me. I won't lie to you. I was worried. I was worried that my readers wouldn't understand and would leave nasty messages about me being a kitty hater. Thanks for being so nice.

Today I called the kennel where Tibbles is being kept for the time being. The manager has been so nice, so understanding. It almost makes me feel worse. Almost, but not completely. "Tibbles is doing great!" she told me. I allowed myself to exhale a bit.

I spent a few hours calling shelters. They are all full, but one has put me on the waiting list. She listened to my whole sad story and was gently optimistic that a good family could be found for her. I'll need to board Tibbles until a space opens up. It could be weeks. The $32 a day fee seems scant punishment for this level of guilt. I know she's just a cat, and that the scope of human suffering is vast, but I cannot help feeling so sad and stuck and miserable.

This afternoon I made myself get busy. I was feeling paralyzed by the entire situation so I started to sort. Lily's bookcase seemed like a good place to start. There's something about the act of organizing that relaxes my brain.

The books are all tidy now. I feel a little better.

Know what else helps me?

Chocolate. Especially this kind of chocolate.

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Godiva dark chocolates. Some people like milk chocolate. Other people like white chocolate.

I don't understand the appeal of white chocolate, but I am not here to judge.

This week I will be giving away one of these.

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A 19 piece box of chocolately goodness! Want more details? Be prepared to drool!

Want to win? Just leave a comment with your favorite way to cheer yourself up. Contest ends 5pm Friday EST. One entry per person please. Winner will be randomly selected.

*A note about my giveaways: I am not paid, reimbursed or asked to promote products, companies or services. I like to have giveaways because it's fun and I love making someone elses day a little brighter. If this changes I'll let you know, but for now it's just from me to you!


Jean said...

Sara, I know everything will work out for your kitty. Chocolate is for sure a good way to cheer yourself up. If I need a little boost, I love to go outside and take a walk around my gardens , pull a few weeds and marvel at nature, and laugh at my dog trying to catch a squirrel. Another pick me up for me is to loose myself in a good book.
Sara, grab another chocolate and tell yourself you did the best you could do and that everything happens for a reason.
Jean in Virginia

mgster said...

I'm so happy that Tibbles is doing well at the shelter and I am optimistic that a good home will be found for her.

When I am stressed the only way I cope is to keep super busy with physical work...if it's summer I work in the garden. The rest of the year is when closets and drawers get sorted, so I totally understand the reasoning for sorting bookcases. To stay idle is to think too much. And as passionate as I am about reading, it just doesn't help with stress...my mind will wander and I will be on the same page forever.

However, when I want to treat myself it always, ALWAYS, has to do with something sweet. My latest thing is to find any excuse to whip up a batch of cupcakes. Why? Because then I have FROSTING! And I will keep my fingers crossed about your giveaway because chocolates are a major treat...and I totally understand WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!

So, just relax and enjoy your chocolates...everything will be fine!

marie said...

Hi Sara,
Yummy ~ chocolate!! That looks so good!

When I'm down in the dumps I love to take a trip to a thrift store...wandering around in one just plain relaxes me. But if my doldrums continue past store closing time, popcorn and a movie (a good chick flick) cheer me up!

I hope a wonderful new home is found for Tibbles real soon!

~~Carol~~ said...

Hi Sara! It sounds like you are feeling a bit better about Tibbles, and I'm glad to hear it. Also glad that Tibbles is doing well at the shelter. Just wanted to say that. Don't enter me in the drawing. I suffer from migraines, and chocolate is supposed to be one of the causes. I know. No chocolate. You can feel sorry for me now. I know I do!
Have a great day!

A Joyful Chaos said...

I don't understand white chocolate either! I find that chocolate helps a lot in stressful times, forcing myself to sing works too.

I would love to be entered in this giveaway and thrilled if I won!

Ginger said...

Glad that Tibbles is doing well. Boy, $32 a day is going to get expensive. Hope you can find someone to take her soon. Have you tried putting an ad in the paper? you probably have already done that...but just a thought.
When I am down about something, I usually take myself shopping, or out to lunch. Food always helps, lol. Chocolate is one of the best mood elevators. I've never tried Godiva though.
Hang in there!!

TJIC said...

My condolences on Tibbles. When Cricket passed on, that was one of the hardest things I ever faced.

Lisa said...

SO YUMMY!!! I'm glad your kitty is doing well in boarding. If they are like my hospital we play with them a lot and they have attention even if they can't roam as usual! I do hope this is a good place $32 a day!! Thats about 3 times what you pay around here sorry. BUT on the good side I'll bet Tibbles is getting lots of extras for it!
Hugs, Lisa

Dolly said...

Yummmmmy..... Godiva chocolates are my very very favorite chocolates! {my mouth is watering}
I am a white chocolate lover too!
While at the mall I usually talk hubby into bying me one piece of Godiva chocolate and I savor it.
Its such a special treat that I can't afford to buy very often!

When I am in need of a boost I make a cup of tea and grab a good book or magazine and sit out on the porch or curl on the couch and get lost for awhile!
Gaining my sanity back! :-)

Kitty is in our prayers!

Hugz, Dolly

Saguaro Chick said...

Quickest way to cheer myself up is to put the kids to bed and turn on the TV and watch my House episodes that I have saved on the DVR! I just love that show, and for some reason after I watch two or three episodes...or stay up all night long watching ALL of them...I feel so much better. I think it is because I am detoxing from the Disney Channel. Don't get me wrong, me loves da Disney Channel, but I am in summer Disney Channel overload.....So after I miraculously cure four or five patients I feel so much better! I'll pass on trying to win the chocolates.....I say with great sadness as I play my little violin....if you were to send chocolate to Phoenix this time of year it would be Godiva sludge upon arrival, though it would be the most divine sludge EVER. It has been about 112 degrees this week. Though I will have sweet Godiva dreams tonight.....


Valerie said...

Holy Crow...32 a day, I am crying to my hubby for an allowance of 20 a week!! LOL You can do some awesome vintage shopping on 20 huh!!
Hmmmm where can I hide that Godiva I am going to win???
You know how much I love you and your site...thank you for the trip away from my world everyday!!

Anonymous said...

My self-cheer comes in the form of an ebay winning bid...usually on a one-of-a-kind vintage dress that is less than $10 and looks better than things at Anthropolgie. I get extra satisfaction points if I steal a winning bid from someone else in the last 30 seconds....of course, Karma always comes back to me on that one. I like Chocolate too. If I win, you can drop it off to me in the garage. :) -Kristal.

Debbie said...

Chocolate is always a good way to cheer up. My favorite, though is a couple of hours alone with a good book and a glass (or two) of red wine.