Thursday, July 9, 2009

I know my readers will understand this kind of crazy.

Yesterday I went up to Consignment Corner to drop off some things that I am consigning. They were mostly things from Rebecca's room when it was still blue.

While there I had a little look around, very innocently of course, just browsing, no plans for shopping. Then I saw it. It looked sad, forlorn. It needed a home. It was a beautiful dressing table, painted shabby white. Originally $165, marked down to $126 with an additional 10% off. I looked away. I looked back. And then I left like the good girl I am.

Today, I woke up, dressed, brought the children to camp and led my La Leche
League meeting. Babies were sniffed, mothers were admired. My mind kept drifting to that sad little table. I imagined where I would place my things. So lovely, so feminine.

After my meeting I decided to go take another look.

I started to worry.

What if it's not still there? My pulse started to quicken. I drove a little faster. I flipped through the radio stations faster and with more urgency. Must. Get. To. My. Table!

I arrived with feigned nonchalance.

It was still there!

5 minutes later it was paid for and in my car. Once I got home the real fun began.

First I put it where my old desk had been. It was okay...but I started thinking about another spot for it. Hmmm. That means moving the bed. And the armoire. And the nightstands. And my computer desk.

The next two hours were a blur of furniture and dust. David walked into the heart of the mess, sighed and walked out. He has been through this before.

Here's the dressing table.

I like to keep my make-up and brushes in milk glass containers. They are super-duper cheap at thrift stores. Don't get them at antique stores- too expensive. I find them at the junk store for just a few dollars.

I love old luggage. It's sort of funny actually considering my aversion to travel.

You know how in magazines and blogs you only ever see the really nice areas of someones room?

Here you go. The desk that I dumped all the stuff on that I need to sort through and put away.

Keepin' it real for you.

PS. Thanks for all the great comments on my private detective work- you guys rock!


Lisa said...

Oh I love your table! So glad it was still there! I SOOO do that same thing. I'm only good when it really kills me and I miss out or go back anyway!! I like that you showed your real pics. I took some and have them and they have inspired me to do something about it!! But I have to say if you really look at all my pics you can find a soda can, McD's cup, half eaten snacks, etc! SO I guess you can call my embarrassment keeping it real!! I loved your PI post!!
Hugs, Lisa

Nancyblogs said...

OMG! I have always wanted a vanity table just like that. Not a very practical or even realistic use of space in a NYC apartment though.

Elizabeth said...

It is beautiful and thanks for the idea of using milk glass containers for makeup,never thought of that. I love milkglass and have lots of it !

Anonymous said...

Not only do I understand that kind of crazy - I AM that kind of crazy. I sometimes move 2 rooms of furniture to accommodate the Christmas tree.

Yeah...crazy...that's me.

jen said...

I love that table!!!! I could not have left it either!!! Oh, by the way, I have the matching blue flowered sowing kit, mine is alittle more stout, but same pattern, it was my Grandmother's.

Tracey said...

What a great find! The mirror is beautiful.

~~Carol~~ said...

Yes, I certainly do understand that kind of crazy! I bet you lugged it into the house by yourself too. And it was worth it, because by the looks of it, it would have haunted you to the grave if you hadn't bought it. It's so gorgeous!

mgster said...

That dressing table is absolutely wonderful! I especially love the mirror. I have always, always wanted one like this. And thanks for showing the picture of your messy desk. Makes me feel better because as messy as my desk is...yours takes the cake, girl!

Ginger said...

I think you have more energy than anyone I know!! I really like your dressing table. I've done that before but usually when I get back, it's gone.

Jean said...

The dressing table has such wonderful lines and detail. It looks great in your room. My Grandma had one almost like it, except hers was the original finish, with bed and matching wardrobe. I really like it white. You can see the deatails much better. Sara, you made a very wise purchase. Enjoy!
Jean in Virginia

Saguaro Chick said...

My heart raced with anxiety as I read your story....did she get there in time....oh no, was it still there the next day....glad your story had a happy ending! The table turned out beautiful and it looks great in your room! I was laughing how your husband walked into the mess and then just walked right back out. I can remember when I would rearrange things in the house, entire rooms actually, hee hee, and the kids would be so excited, they would love the change and they would ooooooh and aaaaaawwwww, it was all very exciting! Well, apparently the appeal of my obsessive rearranging now only bores them. I don't think they even noticed the last 12 times I did it......I just got back from a day trip up north where we happened upon the most AMAZING little thift store, actually thrift house (a house built in 1890 now a thrift store) full of treasures! Next time I am going with an empty trunk and a lot ore cashola!.....I found a beautiful pink floral picture in a gorgeous cream frame....goes along perfectly with the long long long long awaited comforter....that goes along with the old newly crackled and adored pictures......for $5.00! I hung it the minute I got home....honestly, I was in the house five minutes, ran for a hammer and nail and it was on the wall! Then I sat on the floor and admired it for at least half an hour. My $5 thrill for the day!