Friday, June 5, 2009

Rebecca's room is done...

But the pictures suck because I had to take them with my iphone. For some reason our digital camera is never charged. I have no idea why, you'll have to ask my husband.

So there you have it. The room started on Monday, completed by Friday. I am seriously tired. Just in time for company this weekend.

Now I know some of you are looking at these pictures, and some of you, female readers of a certain age, are squealing because sitting right there on Rebecca's bed, in her original dress no less, is My Friend Mandy. She was my very most favorite doll when I was Rebecca's age and a sweet precursor to the American Girl Dolls which are also very popular at our house.

My friend Kelly Hazen had a beautiful white doll trunk with red details and lots of beautiful clothes for her Mandy doll. I had one lousy tennis outfit for my Mandy doll. It's possible that I am still slightly bitter.

Anyway, though Mandy competes with Jess and Kit, she is a beloved doll in our house. Her hair is still soft and shiny and she always smiles. I especially love that at 10 Rebecca is still a girl who can fall in love with a soft pink room and happily play with dolls. She's a little like her mama that way.


amy said...

My sister LOVED her Mandy doll(s?)-- my mom used to sew her little outfits. The room is gorgeous, perfect for your sweet little doll-loving girl.

Lee said...

LOVE the room!