Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shiny Red Fieldtrips...

When we spend time on the cape we go to the beach whenever the sun is out. Here's a little secret though: I love the rainy days even more! Rainy days mean field trips!

On Friday afternoon, Nana and I sneaked out to do some junking. Junking on the cape is a bit more highbrow than I am used to.

We went to the Gristmill Antique Gallery.

I loved these letters together. They were sending good junking vibes.

This scale almost came home with me, but somehow I resisted. It looked so lonely.

Two of my very favorite things: old bottle crates and old kitchen tools. Love. Them.

Look at this people.

If it hadn't been so expensive this would have come home with me and I would have used to to leave instructive messages to my children. "Pick up the dog poop." "Put your dirty clothes in the hamper." "Whining will not make me love you more."

I love the vintage lettering. It would make nagging look charming.

Notice the painted floor. Made me feel way less crazy for painting mine.

Today we went to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm. Readers, I wish that this computer had scratch and sniff because this place smelled like heaven. I love the smell of lavender. Such a virtuous smell.

The lavender fields were beautiful, but we were there for another reason. We came to see the castle.

Who lives there? Rapunzel? Juliet? Sleeping Beauty?

Anybody home? Maybe we should go around and find the door.

No one was home, the fairy house was empty. This castle is about 4 feet high. It sits in the center of a sweet shade garden full of hostas and moss and shy flowers. I so want to build one of these in my yard.

The castle wasn't the only fairy portal.

Someone left the door open.

This fairy likes to keep her door hidden.

It was just so sweet and lovely. The girls adored it and immediately began planning fairy houses of their own.

I'm hoping for a few more field trips before it's time to go home.


TJIC said...

That fairy house reminds me of the Mouse Guard comics.

It's so cute, and beautifully drawn.

Your girls would love it.

You should buy a copy for the kids.

Lisa said...

Love the tour! It's so fun to go places and never leave home!
Hugs, Lisa

Larry said...

looks like you are having a great time at the Cape! We love it there but haven't been for a few years. And we New Englanders are hearty stock, but ALL this rain is driving me CRAZY!

mgster said...

Oops...that last post was from my husband, Larry's account...but it was really written by me! Sorry for that.