Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lily Claire brave and pierced.

Today began like so many days begin. With copious whining. After Lily was fed and had done some painting she announced that she wanted to go to the mall. Who am I to deny my baby some happiness? When I asked her why she wanted to go to the mall, she simply said, "To shop."

I was so proud.

After a bit more discussion she remembered a conversation that began last week- the conversation of whether she should get her ears pierced or not. Today, she announced, was the day.

She floated and bounced through the mall as we made our way to Claire's. When I was a kid my pediatrician pierced my ears. So old fashioned. We had a sweet 19 year old do Lily's ears. She was the store manager. That makes her a professional.

Here Lily is getting ready.

She looks a little nervous doesn't she?

Cleaning the ears is important. See the latex gloves? Professionals wear latex gloves.

Here we go!

Ouch! Lily is deciding whether to cry or not.

She didn't! Phew!

She just looked at herself in the mirror. So lovely!

Good job Lulubelle!


Jean said...

How adorable is Lily! My daughter is 45 and I still remember when she got her ears pierced at Leggetts which is now Belks.Lily is a real cutie pie.
Jean in Virginia

Lisa said...

CONGRATS Lily!! So nice she decided to do it herself! Glad she didn't cry she would have been embarrassed if you'd shared!!
Congrats you've taught her Saturday is shopping day! hehehe
Hugs, Lisa

mgster said...

Love the photos and she was certainly brave! I am enjoying your blog!