Sunday, June 28, 2009

More field trips and some treasure...

Today was a grey day here on Cape Cod so the girls and I planned an outing. We were headed for the mall where the lure of a carousel and an arcade with skee ball convinced them to get out of their pajamas and brush their teeth.

The traffic on the only highway on and off of Cape Cod was terrible so we traveled local roads. We took Route 28 which just happens to be the road on which the Harwich Antique Center can be found. The girls protested loudly when I suggested that we stop. We stopped anyway. And they loved it!

I love that little chair with the quilt.

Someone got very creative with an old tablecloth.

I wish that I had purchased that red tray doohicky. What is that thing called?

The kids wanted to explore everything. The rule was they could touch anything as long as it cost less than $5. Lily had a hard time remembering this rule. When I found her examining a $500 model train I knew that it was time to leave.

This bike made me swoon. I just loved it.

There were so many shops along the way that I wanted to explore, but I didn't want to push my luck. The children have a limited attention span for junk. Unlike their mother who never tires of the dust and sweet musty smell of good old junk.

Here are my vacation treasures so far.

I love little pitchers. I'll show you my collection some time.

Have you ever seen anything sweeter than these mousie salt and pepper shakers? I hope they have little mousie salt and pepper shaker babies.

I even found something for David.

He makes television shows. I love buying old cameras and camera equipment for his office.

Being here is wonderful but after about four days I start to get homesick. By day five I am itching to get home. This area is so beautiful- all the cottages and hydrangeas make me eager to get home and putter in my garden and move things around in my house. Inevitably I arrive home and start rearranging things before I've even unpacked.

In other news, tomorrow I am sending Dolly her American Express giftcard and will be announcing a new giveaway tomorrow. Here's a hint: It's my favorite way to relax on the beach!


TJIC said...

This stuff isn't nearly as cool as a few tons of used tools in Waltham MA's Tool Hut.

Sullygirl2001 said...

I LOVE the mice...I want a set of those!!!

Lisa said...

Great place and what fun treasures you found!!
Hugs, Lisa