Monday, June 22, 2009

There will be no self loathing. There will be a giveaway!

Today I was all set to write about my anniversary, which is today. I was going to tell you about the wonderful man I married, whose company it has been a joy to share these 12 years. However, I must talk to you about something else.

I went bathing suit shopping today.

I told a dear friend that my morning was spent trying on bathing suits. She groaned, "I hate bathing suit shopping." She couldn't believe it when I replied that it was fine, good even.

Here are some truths: I wear a size 14. I am 160 pounds. I have cellulite.

Here are more truths: My body is amazing. It works great. It gets me to all the places I want to go. It birthed and nourished two babies. It is soft and wonderful to hug. I eat delicious food. I do not count calories. I am free in this body. I am beautiful in this body.

Want to be a happy woman in your body? Get a great haircut. Get a pedicure and wear fabulous shoes. Do not hide in baggy clothes. Wear clothes that fit well and feel good on. There are great clothes to be had everywhere. I only wear things I love. Some of my favorite dresses are from Walmart and others are from J.Jill. Do not apologize for your body. Accessorize!

I mean it. This is the only body you will ever have. Treat it well.

I have a giveaway for you. I will give a $50 American Express Giftcard to one lucky reader. Leave a comment about what you love about your body and what fabulous way you would treat yourself to something special. It could be a haircut, a pedicure or sparkly eyeshadow. Maybe a pair of shoes that make your ankles look divine. Maybe a summer dress that shows off your curvy hips. I love looking at pictures of clothes so if there's a special outfit you are thinking of please include the link!

Here are some sites that I love to get you thinking!


I'd probably put it towards this dress.

Or maybe this one.

Or maybe this one!

The contest will end Friday 5pm EST. One entry per person please. Winner will be randomly selected. Feel free to post the link to this contest on your blogs and forward it to your friends.

Good luck!


TwoBusy said...

Congrats on your anniversary, and I hope you'll forgive me for not participating... lovely though they are, I don't think any of those dresses would really work for me.

Anonymous said...

Third time is a charm (stupid computer and stupid cookies...)

My favorite feature: I think I have the cutest feet! (although I'm sure yours are just as precious)

I would use the gift card to buy some much-needed new makeup that won't melt away in the summer heat.

What a great post - I think we spend too much time focusing on our flaws and not enough time recognizing what's good about ourselves.


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful give-away.You are so right about playing up your best features. I would probably treat myself to a new summer dress,I have seen some very pretty ones lately or maybe a french manicure and pedicure with bright red polish!

Nancyblogs said...

I have a great back... I can't see it so easily myself, but I have gotten some nice compliments whenever I wear a top or dress that is cut low in the back. It is definitely strong and straight, which I feel lucky about!

Due to the economy, I am low on funds for clothing, but I aim to shop my closet and show off my back this summer. : )

Lee said...

Well my best and worst feature are "the girls" while they cause me major back pain due to their large size they are also hot in the right outfit

I bet i would get an outfit like this

or this one...

Thea said...

where o where is that purple dress from?? I must have it. Email me when you get a sec..... Thea

Lisa said...

Super!!!!! I love it! I will keep this in mind when I go shopping this year!!
Happy Anniversary!
Hugs, Lisa

Dolly said...

Hubby says I have sexy feet!
I always feel pretty when I get a pedicure and have fresh nail polish on.
I'd probably buy a cute flowery 100% cotton summer dress with matching nail polish and flip flops!

Fun give away.... Thank you!

Karen said...

I think I should win because I had a terrible day of rabies shots. I would buy frivolous sandals.

Memere said...

I have come to accept that as I age parts of my body sag and droop (knees are notorious droopers!) and yet, somehow, I have inherited the magical hair color gene. In my mid 60's, I love that I have virtually no gray hair. It is a small victory, but that, and my never ceasing enthusiams about life, makes me feel good about myself. And there is that saying that the goal in life is not to end with a perfectly preserved body...but to slide into home plate, saying, "Wow, what a ride!! What would I get?? Probably a spa pedicure. I live in the land of desert and cactus. Foot fashion rules.

monie said...

You are beautiful, Sarah. You forgot to mention your flawless skin and your amazing eyes - they are such a gorgeous color! You always look so put together - fashionably dressed, perfectly coiffed, lovely manicure. What I love about my body is that it is healthy - no complaints - everything works as it should. That is something to be thankful for. I'd get a massage.

paintergal said...

I love your attitude!
I would love to find a hairstyle (and a hairstylist!) that would work well with my hair (thick and tends to get wavy in the humidity).
So that's what I would put the money toward.
And yes, I think my hair is one of my best features, although it does drive me nuts at times!

Stephanie said...

Well, I have had a sucky day too, not as sucky as Karen's with the shots but right up there. Fortunately, the crisis was averted ... for the moment. This no job, student budget, living on unemployment thing sucks so much. Retail therapy would be a welcome respite.

My best features are my beautiful blue eyes and my cleavage. I love wearing a top that reveals just a little bit of cleavage.

And I would use this to go to the salon and get my legs waxed so they would feel silky smooth and I would whistle at myself as I walked past the mirror.

Stephanie said...

Oh right, just in case I do win, my email is stephanie at lunisea dot com

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What a great giveaway! My best feature is my smile. I think I would go and get a haircut.

Hugs :)


Megan said...

Congrats on your anniversary! My husband and I've been dating and married for 11 years and he remains the sweetest man I know. My favorite thing about my body is that within 4 years, I ran a marathon and had two (biased) absolutely beautiful, healthy children. I'd treat myself to a spa day, for I never do but definitely need some quiet relaxation after my busy days running after two toddlers!

Jean said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I have been married almost 47 years and looking forward to a lot more. I am really thankful that my body gets me out of the bed in the morning and lets me work outside in my gardens which I love to do. I am thankful that my feet take me along to many yardsales on Saturday. I do love my gray hair and green eyes that can still read books and magazines. I am trying to treat my body better by eating better. I am just plain out thankful to be alive on this beautiful day. Have a wonderful day,
Jean in Virginia

Sullygirl2001 said...

First and Foremost I wanted to thank you for the inspiration to start my own blog. I have for years struggled with venting and writing it all down. I have an entire file on various computers all over NJ of all the things I have written and stored, but never done anything with. I went onto your blog today and felt like I finally found someplace to set up my THANK YOU!
Secondly...CONGRATULATION on your Anniversary! Your husband seems like a sharp witted man who loves and takes VERY good care of you!
Third, body is this REALLY close to home. Considering I've known you more then 3/4 of my life you've seen me at some of my biggest (7th grade was a doozy) and smallest (God bless 10th grade). I was alway on the lastest diets and looking for ways to be thin without sticking my finger down my throat (boy was I glad to have escaped that trend!). As I get older I find that both my husband and son prefer the "soft spots" to the bony ones! When I was younger I had a great ass...but pregnancy made it HUGH and old age made it sag, along with eveything else.
Your blog made me smile and feel really great about being a women and mother...THANK YOU FOR IT ALL!!!

Devany's Cottage said...

As women, we spend far too much time looking in the mirror and finding fault with what we see, when we really should feel blessed with all that we are.

I am lucky to have a boyfriend who tells me how beautiful I am every day, and has for over 7 months now! There are features about my body that I would have previously found unattractive, but that he finds very appealing.

My hair and make-up look great when I take the time, with the right push-up bra and top, the girls are eye-catching...and my booty? Well, lets just say, I've got a little jiggle in my giggle.

I weigh 155 lbs...and I am very selective when it comes to the clothes I put on my body. They definitely have to accentuate the positive. One of my favorite shows is TLC's What Not to Wear because it teaches women to dress for their body type and to again, accentuate and accessorize.

Thank you for encouraging all of us beautiful women to take the time today to appreciate ourselves!

I would buy a new dress that makes me look and feel fabulous!

And last, but not least...Happy anniversary!

mgster said...

After having three children my body is not fit by any means. But I have always liked my legs. I am a size 10 (on a good day), but my legs are the kind seen on a size 6 body. And the best thing is that although I am on the "older" side, these legs still can walk, and walk and walk. In fact, they walked a few miles this morning. After reading everything you wrote about yourself, you've inspired me to just go to Marshalls or T.J.Maxx and try on bathing suits. I am long overdue for a new one! You have the best attitude about your body and you will pass this on to your girls, which is a wonderful thing. You write beautifully and I look forward to your posts. This sure was an inspiring one and, actually, one I needed because I wasn't feeling so hot about myself! Thanks! :)

Ginger said...

I wish I could say I loved my body, but those days are long gone. And so are the size 14's.
I guess my best feature would be my hair. I also don't mind my feet too much, when I get a pedicure they look decent.

Amy, the "dear friend" in question. said...

My body isn't easy to love. In fact, I would even say that trying to love my body is like trying to love a brain-damaged pet weasel that my grandmother left me in her will. It was foisted on me suddenly and without my agreement, and I have an uneasy sense that it could turn on me at any moment. Also, it is a little foreign to me, not something I feel fully at home with. But, because it's all I have (and because it's sorta something my grandmother gave me?), I have to try. And it's not all bad. We get along sometimes, especially when we're alone together.

So, I think I should win your contest for two reasons:

1. I have deep, serious issues. All it will take to completely solve all my issues is $50 either for a pair of sexy, strappy sandals, or some highlights in my hair. To pick me is to support, like, a CAUSE. It would pretty much be the same as curing cancer.

2. I used a metaphor to describe my feelings about my body. In 8th grade English, we learned that metaphors add power and betterness to writing. So you would also be supporting creative writing and the unrecognized efforts of 8th grade writing teachers here and throughout the globe.

As requested, here is a link to a picture of how I may look after my transformation:

Joanne said...

What do I love about my body? Ihave great hair, a nice face, and a strong body. Yes, I am overweight and out of shape, but my body does what I ask it to do... and has recently started to enjoy the journey back to exercising regularly. No weight loss, but inches make the difference. From a size to 1n 18 in 6 weeks. not bad... now I just ahve to continue

Katherine said...

You have such a great, healthy perspective on body image! We only have one body in this life and it is just a waste of time and energy to hate it or be dissatisifed with it, as so many women are. I have a job in finance and work in Boston, I find myself surrounded by women young and old, who are obsessed with counting their calories and reporting how much fat is in that cupcake or this cookie. I am only 25 but have a very healthy relationship with my body. I feed it donuts and cookies without remorse and take it for long walks. My best feature is my legs, long and lean from years of playing sports.

What would I do with $50? Oh the possibilities...

I think this would win out tho, I don't have anything like it!

I just love your blog! and the bargain hunting!

Lisa said...

SO I didn't say what I Like! I'm 5'6" long legs! I like that!!! Clothes are hard for me even when I'm "lighter" so I get what is comfortable, and wear it!! Most of my clothes are the same year to year but I like them and the styles fit so I go with it!!
I do have a mini I wish I could wear again. I refuse to get rid of it!!
Thanks for having a Give away! (this is my offical entry!!)
Hugs, Lisa

MJ said...

I think I have nice eyes! But if I won this giveaway, I would buy a cute sundress w/ cute new shoes!


Bethany Haile Photography said...

This is a great giveaway...I really like myself even with 20 (okay fine, maybe 40) extra pounds. I am comfortable and happy. That's not to say that at times I wish I could put off the weight though. If I won, I would use the gift card to get some highlights done in my hair. I just tried a do it yourself kit at home yesterday and changed my dark brown hair to an orangy/strawberry blond (my husband says it doesn't look orange.) Here is a link to how I hope my hair would look in the end! :)