Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The nightmares of housewives...

Last night I had a nightmare. There was no one chasing me. My children were in no peril. I was not being harmed in any way. Readers, I dreamt that it was Christmas Eve. I dreamt that it was Christmas Eve and that I had forgotten to put up a Christmas Tree.

In the dream I searched for and finally found my artificial tree, but it would not light. It was late and the stores were all closed. I found a Christmas Tree lot, but all that was left were gnarled branches. I found a store open but the cart wouldn't push.

It went on and on like that until I woke up.

It was the most pathetic nightmare of my life.

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amy said...

I was just saying to Sean the other night that the last month of school and the Christmas season are the two times of the year that women seem to put in ridiculous hours over things that we could just not do at all and the world would be nearly unchanged. (Of course, the Christmas tree is one of the Important Things, but fairs, crafts, baking, gifts, cards, etc etc etc...why do we do these things to ourselves?) Why, why? Anyway, I understand how such a thing could be a nightmare. sweet dreams--a