Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sea shells...

"Today is a smooth white seashell, hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours." author unknown

When I was out today I found a great big bag of seashells. Most were a pure white while others were pink and iridescent.

I brought them home and put them in a big jadite bowl. I love how the soft green gently holds the white and
pink shells.

After I put some in the bowl I brought some outside to where Lily, fairy of the dirt was playing. I knew that she'd get to work sorting them.

These shells are a family. Mommy, Daddy and baby.

The pink star fish was a favorite.

The shells kept Lily busy for a long time. She counted them. She put them to her ear to listen to the sea. She whispered secrets to them. She held them close and played sea queen into the night.


Jean said...

Shells are beautiful and fascinating for us grown-ups too. Have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

Ginger said...

I love seashells too. I have some in my beach room that I collected on the beach in California when I was there.
I cracked up when you said Lily, fairy of the dirt...too cute.

mgster said...

Just caught up on a couple of posts and was pleasantly surprised to see you talk about URO! I was also in Boston two Saturdays ago to see them perform. I have known one of the singers, Christie Beaulieu, since she was a young girl. I attended the concert with her mom and dad. Christie is the girl with long brown hair who usually has four solos. She does "Here Comes The Sun". Like the night you were there, the crowd was having a blast! I previously saw them at Mohegan Sun Casino and although that crowd was into it, I think the Boston one was wild! Isn't the drummer amazing! They all are. We hung out with Christie and others for about an hour after the concert. They are all so talented and seem to really be enjoying themselves. Go URO!!!

Oh, and the shells are very pretty!