Thursday, June 25, 2009

The miracle of sun...

Today the girls and I left Boston where it has been raining for the past 10 days. Some days it was a downpour and others it was a constant mist.

When we arrived on Cape Cod it was still grey, but the sun was clearly trying to appear. We are hardy New Englanders so even though we weren't certain about the weather, he headed off to the beach.

Guess what? The sun came out!

I'm not lying. Just look at that shadow!

Guess what Lily is doing?

Sand. The beach version of mud.

Rebecca hates to be left out.

What are they talking about? The economy? Boys? Astrophysics?

They were especially sisterly at the beach.

Rebecca takes her job as older sister very seriously.

Here she is saving Lily from waves.

You should be impressed that they are this far in the water

Look at them!

Check out the water temperature.

54 degrees. That's how we do it here in New England.

If the thought of all that cold water has you shivering, this picture should make you feel better.

You're welcome.


Lisa said...

Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...


And the girls are precious too!

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