Sunday, June 21, 2009


There are a few fathers in my life. This one is my dad.

Here he is with Rebecca and Lily. He is an amazing grandfather who really enjoys his grandchildren. He's not afraid to get on the floor with them and play. He teaches them things like how to use the remote control and that the best pancakes are chocolate chip.

The other father is my life is this one.

We are all at the beach in November in this picture.

I love this man. He works harder than anyone else I know. He has his own company and there is always work to be done. The amazing thing about David is that somehow, even when he has worked a 16 hour day he will still somehow get himself up to be there for class trips, birthdays and performances. He does it all and I have no idea how he manages. I'm just grateful that he does. His work allows me to be the kind of mother I want to be and provides us with a life that in so many ways feels like a fairy tale.

Except for that one time that he dropped Lily into the dishwasher. But that's another story.


Lisa said...

Happy Father's day to yours!
Hugs, Lisa

Jean said...

What great photos and great memories. Enjoy and make many new memories.
Jean in virginia

David Padrusch said...

Te amo.