Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just another day of glamour....

Holy hell. What a day. "What did you do today?"you ask?

Got the kids to school, then walked the dogs, then dropped the dogs off at home, then went to the paint store to have more Marshmallow Bunny paint mixed, then went to Walgreens for lipgloss, then had a few minutes of chit chat with friends at Starbucks, then picked up the paint, then picked Rebecca up at school to take her to a dentist appointment, then brought her back to school after the appointment, then came home and let the dogs out and got ready to paint Rebecca's walls. See how everything was just rolling along?

It all came to a halt when I went downstairs wearing my painting clothes (Sorry David, I stole one of your sleeveless exercise shirts.) where I saw Tibbles, one of our four cats peeing on the couch. It was bloody pee. Fuck. I called the vet who said, "Can you bring her in now?". "Sure, no problem." Ha. No problem indeed. That damn cat disappeared. I found myself in the roll of big game hunter, prowling the house with stinky wet food in hand, listening for scurrying or furtive squatting. Internet, it took 40 minutes to get my hands on that damn cat. The hunt took me deep into the basement and into the sweltering attic. Finally victory was mine! I grabbed her and away to the vet we went. I came home $180 poorer armed with antibiotics and a seriously pissed off cat. Please piddle gods, let this be a UTI and not Tibbles being an asshole.

It was noon when I got home and I still had a certain disaster to deal with. I put the painting clothes back on and got to work painting Rebecca's room. I painted strategically so that I could put the furniture back as I went along. Rebecca wanted her bed in a different location so this entailed a fair bit of furniture shifting. First one wall was done, so I moved the bed. Then another wall was done so I moved a bookshelf. Hmmm, that Target bookshelf isn't feeling so sturdy. Another wall is done. Maybe the bookshelf should go over there. Halfway across the room the bookshelf began to list significantly. Another foot and it went down like the Titanic.

The books were thrown into the hallway, the broken bookshelf cursed to hell. I finished painting and picked Rebecca up from school. Came home and installed new shades and curtains. Touched up trim paint. Picked Lily up from her playdate. Microwaved leftovers for dinner. Supervised homework. Took a bath. Cleaned up fresh Tibble pee. Got into bed. Blogged.

The end. Here are some pictures of Rebecca's room. I need to repaint the floor tomorrow and put in another bookshelf. Then I'll be honestly and truly done. Probably.


TJIC said...

> went to Walgreens for lipgloss, then had a few minutes of chit chat with friends at Starbucks

I could not have crafted a sentence that better suggests "I am a yuppie douchebag".

Otoh, the rooms look great.

David W. Padrusch said...

Where the hell is your husband during all this?