Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect bookends.

Today began as a perfect day. The house was already clean, David walked the dogs, and the children wanted to go to the junk store with me. It's not really called the junk store. That's what I call it and when I call it a "junk" store, I really mean "perfect piece of heaven" store. It's really called Urban Renewals. When I die my ashes will be scattered there. Really.

I give each kid $5 and let them get whatever they want. After checking out this and this the kids decided on different treasures. Lily got a superman laptop computer and a remote control car. Rebecca got a Furreal Panda Bear and pug stuffed animal. They love bargains just like their mama.

I scored an awesome J. Crew brown suede bag (9.99) and an Ann Taylor bag (3.99), as well as a Lands End Rain coat (3.99) for Lily. Total awesomeness.

And people the awesomeness only continued, because after Lily and David came back from swimming at the hotel where the in-laws are staying we grilled big juicy porterhouse steaks. Sweet jesus. So wonderful. Sprinkle some of my ashes on those steaks when I die too. Is that weird?

After dinner we broke the law and used our firepit to make s'mores.

See this man?

He is a lunatic. He is also my husband. He likes to take pictures like this. I have no idea why. He is a mystery to me.

This is my mother-in-law. She was a good sport about all the smoke in her eyes.

After all the s'mores the kids remembered that they had some mud to make and got very busy digging Lily's giant hole in the yard. I'll show you a picture another time. It's that thrilling. After the mud my sweet children took a shower together and I just about died listening to them go on and on about just how great a hot shower feels.

A perfect ending.


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why is it breaking the law to use the fire pit to make s'mores?