Monday, June 15, 2009

This life.

Some days I wake and feel like a real housewife.

I get up and make some coffee. I make beds, brush the children's hair, empty the dishwasher. Today I also looked in my recipe binder. It's been cold and damp all day which put me in the mood for some soup. I took my time at the grocery store, looking for ingredients, pondering substitutions. I was very aware of all that I did and I took care not to rush. Such an ordinary day can be overlooked. Too many of them are.

My children were crazy this afternoon. Lily didn't sleep well last night and by 5:30 this evening she was a wailing puddle of misery. Nothing could please her so I just held her till she calmed. Rebecca's stomach is in knots because school is ending, because she loves her teacher, because change is hard. For Rebecca I offered hugs and tea and broth.

The house smells comforting. The soup having simmered for hours, is waiting in the fridge to be separated. Tomorrow I'll make matzoh balls.

This day will end like all others, with baths and stories, kisses and hugs. I musn't take it for granted. This life is so rich.


TJIC said...

> It's been cold and damp

Global warming is a leftist lie.

The glaciers are coming.

You heard it here first.

Ginger said...

We've had the coldest, and most rainy weather here in Utah that I can remember. It's dreary and overcast and makes me feel like staying in.
I definitely needs some sunshine soon.