Friday, June 19, 2009

If it's Friday then I must be junking...

Today I was at the junk store, just browsing. I have a system. I check out the glassware and decorative hoohass before I head back to the furniture area. Nothing really grabbed me in the furniture section so I continued to browse. I found the kids some tee shirts and a few dresses for myself. And I was just about done. Ready to check out even, when my junking senses whispered, "Go back. Go back to the furniture. Something is waiting for you."

Ladies, never ever ignore your junking senses.

I made my way back to the furniture and there they were, beckoning to me, "Take us home. We want to live on your porch."

I took a quick look at the tags. $7.99 for each!

Aren't they lovely?

Here they are on my porch with the tags removed and some pillows.

Actually that's Puglsey. He likes the new chairs too.

Here's the picture with the pillows.

Make sure you check back in tomorrow to when I'll be announcing the winner of the T.J.Maxx/Homegoods giftcard!


Jean said...

You did great. There is nothing that says summer anymore than white wicker. I like your porch too and I love Puglsey.
Have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

Lisa said...

WOW! How lucky you went back!! Well done!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a steal! You can't buy those junky plastic chairs from Wallyworld for that price.

Congrats - they look fabulous with the pillows, but Pugsley is even cuter :)

Enjoy them this weekend!


Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Wow! Were you lucky or what?!? Fantastic deal & they're so pretty on the porch. Hugs for Pugsley! ☺ Diane

Anonymous said...

What a deal!!!! I love it when something like that happens! Barbara

Saguaro Chick said...

That little voice in the back of our heads always knows what it is talking about! What a steal, they are gorgeous! Now time to sit and sip on some ice cold lemonade in those babies! I'm on my way....I'll bring cookies...

Elizabeth said...

Good for you! The wicker chairs are great!