Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day at the beach...

Every year our family meets up with some good friends at Skaket Beach. Skaket Beach is on the bay side of Orleans and has the most spectacular low tides I have ever seen.


The tide goes out for miles leaving tide pools full of hermit crabs, small fish, snails and pinchy crabs. That's the technical name.

We meet my very dear friend Nina and her family every year for a full day of beach bliss.

My kids were thrilled to have friends to play with since their bickering with each other had reached a rather ugly level.

When my kids bickering is really annoying me I give them the worst punishment that I can think of. I make them hug. That's what happened this morning before our friends arrived.

It's a little awkward at first.

Then the silly starts. I told them they had to hug for 2 minutes.

They've forgotten that they're being punished. Rotten children.

Sometimes instead of hugging I make them list five things that they love about each other. It works every time. One of them will start laughing or compliment the other on their burping talents. Sometimes it's a talent for farting. I'm sorry, but I have to tell you these things. This is not a fancy blog.

Once Nina and her family arrived I got to ignore my children for hours. Benign neglect is the cornerstone of some of my best parenting.

The kids got right to work capturing hermit crabs and digging in the sand.

Cobi and Rebecca are hunting crabs and fish. It is very serious business. Do not call it play.

Rebecca is stalking a fish. I do not stalk fish. I do stalk junk at thrift stores so maybe that it where she gets this particular trait.

Lily has spent at least 80% of her time on this vacation digging.

She is with her buddy Ruby.

So much love between these two.

These two have a lot of love, but 10 year olds do not call it love.

That would be embarrassing.

You know who I love? This woman.

Nina and I have been friends ever since Lily and Ruby were newborns. We met at a singalong at the library. (She was changing Ruby's diaper and I asked her if her baby's poop was always that green. I suspected a breastfeeding latch problem. I was right.) Asking a person about their baby's poop is a great way to make a lifelong friend. No topic is too personal after that.

Nina has an amazing business helping people get healthy. It's called Body Alive Body Aware. She was eating an amazing salad at the beach today. I actually had salad envy. It had lettuce, avocado, raisins, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and salmon. Lucky for us she has recipes on her website.

Just sitting next to her inspired me to get more creative with food.

We were at the beach for six full hours today. It was wonderful, but I can't wait to get home. The truth is that I love tending to my house, preparing meals and working in my garden. A comfortable home, my family and my dogs are really the best part of every day I have and I am so grateful to be so simply made content.


Lisa said...

Your girls are so sweet!! You look like you had fun !
Hugs, Lisa

Ginger said...

It looks like everyone is having a great time. When my kids were in junior high, and they acted up, I would make them hold hands in the front yard. They hated it!!
It seems like so many people are at the beach, on their blogs. I am so jealous!!