Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ball junky

Pugsley's a mellow guy. Just follows me around the house hoping someone will drop some bacon.

He has a problem though, an ugly problem. He is a squeaky ball addict.

Here he is without a ball.

Not a care in the world.

Here, dear readers is a truly frightening image. Puglsey and the squeaky ball.

Completely deranged. He looks rabid.

Without ball:

With ball:

Sometimes Sophie tries to steal his ball.

A tussle ensues.

Even though Sophie is a dog who will eat her own poop, she is smart enough to know when to let him have the ball.

Puglsey savored the sweet nectar of victory. And then passed out. Just like the little ball junky he is.


Lisa said...

LOL! That is just the greatest!!!
Hugs, lisa

TJIC said...

As best I can tell, these pictures are entirely explained by two theses:

1) The ball is magnetic

2) The tongue is made out of ferrous metal.

Anonymous said...