Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My little girl is now a woman.

And it's not what you think.

Yesterday, of her own accord, Rebecca organized her closet by color.

It started when she offered to hang up the clean laundry. I wish that I could say that she is doing this out of innate desire to be helpful, though she enjoys being helpful. What Rebecca really enjoys is the current incentive program.

The children have gotten a bit slovenly this summer and by this weekend I Had Had Enough.

So I started "Padrusch Bucks". Every Sunday I give each kid ten Padrusch Bucks. Each is worth fifty cents. To keep those bucks they need to do their basic requirements. Beds made, dirty laundry in hamper, wet towels off the floor, dirty plates and cups into the kitchen etc. If they don't do those things they lose their bucks. Extra bucks can be earned for going above and beyond the requirements.

Rebecca loves this stuff. She is a natural born capitalist. The first day she swept the stairs and made my bed. This earned her two additional bucks.

This brings us to yesterday when she offered to take care of the laundry. Hanging up the laundry got her thinking about her closet and thinking about her closet got her thinking about colors and before you know it she had emptied her closet and was reorganizing.

Of course I took pictures.

I love a tidy closet. Makes me feel so peaceful. Sort of the opposite of how I feel when there are dead rotting birds in my house.

She loved it. She debated hues and textures.

My baby.

Guess what she did next?

She went into Lily's room and did her clothes too!!

Please notice the size of the closets.

Feel free to pity me.

Our house was built in 1925 and apparently people didn't own clothes then. Maybe the original owners were nudists. Either way our closets are tiny.

Rebecca's is about two feet wide. Also, it's in the hallway. She doesn't even have a closet in her room.

Lily's closet is in her room though it's about 18 inches wide. Seriously.

The bathroom closet is about 2o inches wide and is in the shape of a triangle.

My closet is a bar at the entrance to the attic.

I'd show you a picture but then I'd have to kill you. Just saying.

I got a bit side-tracked with the closets there.

Anyway, Rebecca earned an additional two Padrusch bucks.

Lily? How does Lily like the incentive plan?

She prefers a welfare state. She's all about stickin' to the man and fighting in the revolution.

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A special shout out to my pal Thea's daughter Maya who turns 10 today! They are in Denmark avoiding the Boston heat and having a great adventure. Happy Birthday Maya!

One more message: Mgster- can you pretty please email me with your email address? You'll be my best friend and I'll invite you to my birthday party! :P


~~Carol~~ said...

You have a bathroom closet?! We live in a 1926 house, and we have 2 closets. One in our daughter's room, and one in our bedroom, that I grudgingly share with my husband. Otherwise, lots of big cabinets and armoires!

marie said...

I will never, ever complain about the size of or lack of closets again! I'm not so much pitying you ~ but I'm definitely glad these aren't my closets! : )
Good job Rebecca ~ tiny they may be, but they look wonderful!

Love the incentive plan!

Ginger said...

You have a great way with words, Sara. I cracked up when I got to the part about Lily. Maybe she can pay Rebecca to keep her closet organized for her.
Those really are small closets, I don't know what I'd do with my junk if I had those...the attic maybe. That's funny what you said about the people not having clothes in 1925. They probably wore the same thing over and over.
Anyway great job that Rebecca did. You might have to give her a raise.

thea said...

you just made Maya's morning. POURING here so we're having a low key day at home, which is weird when it's not OUR home. The cousins are out and about - family solitude is also golden after 3 weeks.

Luckily the Danes have a few board games and crafty items around and M has a journal that needs attention... Plus, Danish radio is hilarious to listen to. Anyways, she gives Rebecca a hug and says hi.

On the closets, I hear you and have same in our house. Even the bar in the attic! Minus the bathroom one, but we sacrificed the guestroom. And I don't think I get to complain since we have the guestroom to sacrifice, right?

Pom Pom said...

Color bunching and organizing, how adorable! Your house is VERY cute!

mgster said...

Oh, of course, you can have my email address! Silly me...I thought it showed up automatically for you. Shows how much I DON'T know! I'm getting tired of repeating myself here, but you just make me laugh out loud every day! Today was no exception. And, what will you do about the closet situation when those girls hit the teen years...not to upset you...but I know what I am talking about here! Get ready to up the denomination on those bucks of yours. :)

Lisa said...

Love this post! Weird to think they didn't have clothes in 1925! Who'd of thought!
Hugs, Lisa