Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I hate the hot, hot, heat but I love chocolate.

I wanted to post something witty and meaningful, thought provoking and poignant.

Instead I must whine and complain.

Dear God I hate the heat.

It has only been hot for the last week but it feels like I have been roasting in the fiery pits of hell for an eternity.

I drive down the streets imagining snow banks and ice covered trees.

I long to shiver.

I spend my days lying on my bed in front of the air conditioner trying not to move.

The attic is too hot to clean.

Even the basement is hot.

Only about six weeks until fall. Last night I dreamt of pumpkin picking.

Tomorrow is parents visiting day at camp.

I am not going. The heat will kill me and I'd hate to leave my children motherless.

Instead I will go to IKEA and imagine cool swedish winters.

If you just endured this drivel I have a reward for you.

A giveaway, but a repeat giveaway. A Godiva box of chocolates. They are having a secret member sale and it would be shameful not to share the goods. I would give more details about the chocolates but it's too hot. I'm pretty sure that they are delivered in a cooler, so if you live somewhere that makes hell look cool and breezy, enter anyway. One entry per person, randomly selected Friday, 5pm EST. Good luck!


Pom Pom said...

Count me in! Yummy! I feel for you! We are having a cooler day here in Colorado, sorry! I actually did shiver! Hope you cool off soon!

mgster said...

I was very hot yesterday. But then I remembered all the stupid rainy days we have been having, so I guess I will take the heat. But I do love the Fall! Best season in all of New England (if you ask me). And do I want to be entered to win your chocolates??? Uh, yeah! Have a good evening...a nice, cool evening! :)

marie said...

I hate heat too ~ but I love chocolate!
I've been dreaming of snow...cold & fluffy & deep! Ahhh, I'm feeling cooler already. Hope you are too!

thea said...

I need no chocolate -- but just wanted to tell you that Scandinavian Summer might just be your thing. Our tank tops remain nicely folded in the bags while our jackets and sweatshirts are in constant rotation... And there's a surprising amount of thrift shops in town - too bad most of it would break on the way home :-( have fun at IKEA. Their houses really do look like the displays!

Saguaro Chick said...

They deliver Godivas in a cooler! In a cooler!!!! Count me in baby! Now I won't have to fear having a fudgesicle delivered if I win! Woo-hoo! Though a Godiva fudgesicle sounds pretty darn good right about now, even at 4:00 a.m.! Yes, I am LIVE from "hotter then hell" this morning! Been about 115 this week....in the shade..... It is that time of year when we just want to stay home and go nowhere! Instead of being snowed-in, we get trapped in the house by the suffocating heat and the searing rays of the sun. Every summer I wonder why we still continue to live here! My kids even want to move someplace cold! You would not believe the amount of sunscreen we go through! We are always slathered up! Went and bought one of those tower-type fans last week, it even has a remote control! Got my remote to the TV, my remote for the fan, plan on making a huge thingy of ice tea, will day-dream of Godiva fudgesicles... may not even get off the couch today....

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I was just thinking this morning how cool the summer's been here in NC--which is to say the days haven't gotten much hotter than 92. I've been very summer-tolerant this year; usually by now I can't stand it one more second of the heat and humidity. Old age must be mellowing me. Still, I'm starting to dream of fall and cool breezes and pumpkins ... and, of course, cool Godiva chocolates (of course).

Stay cool!


H-Biddle said...

I soooo want this chocolate!!! If I get it, I will immediately put it in a cooler, hop in my car, drive to Dunkin Donuts and get a decaf coffee, then head over to Sara's house where I will give her the coffee and all but one of the chocolates (unless they're all orange flavored, in which case she can have them all.

Jean said...

Sara , I am with you on the heat. I am not a hot summer kind of gal. I hate the hot humid days, but I love the things you do in the summer, the flowers, etc, but NOT THE HEAT. We have been fairly lucky here in my part of Va. we have had some really hot humid days but we have also had a lot of days only in the low 80's which I can take. I keep telling myself Fall will be here soon. AAAHHH!
I love your goodies you got at the trift store. A just reward for dead bird removal. You did good! Have a great and sweet smelling day.
Jean in virginia

b said...

You know what's even worst than this heat? How about going out in this heat and humidity to the local thrift store and finding nothing, absolutely nothing to buy...the humidity felt ten times worst (because I was so bummed out) when I came out of the store than when I went in...chocolates would make me feel sooooo much better...


Anonymous said...

Hoy cow, I know just what you mean, I am just outside of Boston and I could have written this post. I hate all the rain we have had but I would much rather that than this crappy humidity.

Anonymous said...

I love chocolate! xoxoxoxo

Thanks for being a friend and sharing it.


Christine said...

I could certainly use a box of Godiva chocolates, they're my favorite. We're moving tomorrow and I'm so stressed that even wine isn't enough. Hm, I think I might have to go get some Godiva to go with my wine. Yum.

Nic said...

I love love love the heat. It has been pretty hot here but could be sunnier. Really. Embrace the heat. I am dreading cold weather. I would always rather be hot than cold.

Lisa said...

OHHH chocolate!!! Thanks! Sorry it's so hot!
Hugs, Lisa