Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, it finally happened.

I dropped the air conditioning unit out the window.

I have been imagining this moment for about eight years, since our first summer in this house. Our house has two floors and there is a lot of air between where the air conditioner unit is perched in the window and the unforgiving ground.

The worst part? I dropped the unit out of the window about five minutes after I had boasted to David that I always install the units all by myself, every year.

Sometimes karma is a little too swift and literal.

I dragged the air conditioner out of the very hot attic, lugged it into Rebecca's room and got ready to install it. The window was opened and in went the unit. Just need to adjust it a little bit...

And then it happened. It slipped out of my grip and crashed onto the roof of the downstairs bathroom. I held onto it by the cord. David, hearing the crash, poked his head out of the downstairs door, looked up at the air conditioner dangling over his head and swore.

He swore loudly, actually.

Together we pulled the unit back into Rebecca's room.

Well, what was left of the unit.

Several pieces were on the driveway and one piece was still on the roof. I probably would have left it there, sort of like a scarlet letter. "Here lives a boastful woman who dropped an air conditioner out her window." I guess David wanted to spare me the shame so he reached out there with Lily's lizard mouth grabbing toy and rescued the last piece.

Then I got my keys and my purse and went to the hardware store where I purchased a new air conditioner and then installed it without incident.

That last bit wasn't too boastful was it?


Lisa said...

No not at all! So sorry you dropped it! That really stinks! Glad you have cool air now!
Hugs, Lisa

TwoBusy said...

One of the great joys of central a/c: I never have to worry about doing that again.

Ginger said...

Oops!!! My hubby would of been yelling at me while he was cussing. lol. I'm glad it didn't put a hole in the roof of the bathroom.

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh, the horror. I'm sorry I laughed a little when you said you were still holding onto the cord, like that could have stopped it. Do you realize you could have been dragged out there with it?!!

Lisa said...

I kinda giggled reading that.

No, I won't like. I laughed. Out loud. And I know I shouldn't because that's just not nice.

But I could totally see myself standing there in the window, cord in my hands and the remnants of the A/C blowing in the breeze outside...thinking in my best Steve Erkel voice: "Did I do that?"

I'm so sorry it happened (and even sorrier that I found it so amusing!)


Dolly said...

Oh Sara you sound just like me..... No I can do it...I don't need any help! Stubborn girls!

Its funny now...... I am laughing with you girl!
Oh my, I can picture hubbys face when he looked up! lol

Have a great day,

mgster said...

I will have to tell my husband that you did this! He did the exact same thing around five years ago. He was installing it in my son's room and somehow he lost hold of it. We live in a colonial and it fell from upstairs and hit the basement hatchway doors and actually put a dent in them. We were just lucky that it didn't hit our cat who was outside at the time. I always wish I had taken a picture of the broken air conditioner so I could scrapbook this story so we would never forget it! HEHEHE

Chrissy P said...

I would have enjoyed video of David using the lizard grabber toy to get the last piece. It's the only thing that would have made this post better. :D