Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warrior princess...

Today was visiting day at the day camp that the girls are attending.

I watched Rebecca learning archery.

She is a serious child, an avid reader of The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. I suspect that her love for archery is not merely academic. She imagines that the time will come when a wicked witch will need defeating or a dragon will need slaying. She will need to know how to place the quiver and send the arrow into the heart of evil. It is a life skill for her. She would be only too happy to inhabit a world of potions and elves, dragons and talking lions.

Rebecca looks for signs. The ladybug that landed on her gave her good luck. It was the ladybug's luck that caused her to see a bunny rabbit hidden in the grass at dusk.

Rebecca doesn't suffer from excessive coolness. She enjoys all that camp puts before her. She swims her laps, makes her friendship bracelets. She sings the songs of camp and celebrates every victory of the color games. I just adore this quality about her. I wish I could bottle that spirit. I would show her the crystal bottle of colors swirling with her essence. "This is you! This is your magic!" The dragons don't stand a chance.


mgster said...

I love children who do not suffer from "excessive coolness". Again, you have such a gift for writing. I could just picture that glass jar with colors swirling around.

Jean said...

Sara, What a precious gift you have in your daughters, and they too have a gift in you. Enjoy them, they grow up mighty fast.
Jean in Virginia

Lisa said...

Oh that is so great!! I hope or dare say pray she never looses that!! It is a special gift your little has!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

marie said...

You Rebecca makes me think of my Amanda when she was younger ~ she'll be 26 in a few weeks, and she is a delightful young woman!

No "excessive coolness" at our house either ~ I love that description by the way! She just loved to take it all in and soak it all up.

One of my favorite photos of Amanda was at a museum in Wash DC. She was walking around with a steno pad taking notes about the exhibits....just because! Makes me smile just to think about it!

What a sweet warrior princess your Rebecca is and what a lucky one too ~ to have a mama who loves her so much!

Anonymous said...

Great blog & Photos, New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

Anonymous said...

When I was Rebecca's age I shot an arrow through the neighbor's bathroom window while the neighbor was on the potty. Needless to say I was forced to find other youthful activities to engage in.