Monday, July 6, 2009

Shiny Red Painting Project and a Giveaway!

On Saturday I wandered into Michaels with an idea for a project.

Remember when I told you about Amy's living room at Inspire Co.? Here's a link to one version of her room that I love. Here's a link to a slightly different version.

Well, walking into Michaels I knew that I wanted to recreate some version of those sweet houses on her wall, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it.

I needn't have worried, because there, in the clearance aisle no less, were these picture frames.

I bought four in all, two in each style.

First, I painted the roof, the bottom and the edges.

Then I used scrapbook paper for the decorative elements.

I'm really pleased with how they came out and am especially pleased with the price. All four houses cost less than $25 dollars to make!

To share my dear love of Michaels with you my sweet readers, I will be giving away a $25 GiftCard to Michaels to one lucky reader. Please leave a comment telling me about your latest project! I'll randomly chose one reader- contest ends on Friday at 5pm EST. Good luck!


marie said...

Hi Sara,
I found your blog at Daisy Cottage ~ your's is as bright and cheery as her's!

The little houses you made are delightful and I can see why you were inspired by Amy's living room!

Now about my new project ~ I'm decorating my newly remodeled laundry room. It's been unfinished since we moved into my home EIGHTEEN years ago! Now it has four finished walls and a ceiling and a color! BLUE! So exciting! I have three new grandbabies ~ eighteen months and younger ~ and they will have to pass through this laundry room in order to get to my backyard (someday). I want it to be a bright and magical passageway to adventure outdoors. I just bought a large oval sign at Homegoods. It is my says "Fairy Tales Can Come True"!

Lisa said...

Oh your houses are lovely! My lastest project is an old dresser tray that I need to paint! I'm kind of ify about painting things unless they are unfinished, but this needs to be done! It looks yucky! I also need some paint for the mirror in it to fix it! HOPE I get it done this week! It's on my list!
Thanks for offering another giveaway!
Hugs, Lisa

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

What a clever idea! They are just too adorable for words! ☺ diane

Megan said...

The houses are beautiful! I just finished a smaller project of making the invitations to my to-be-3 yr old daughter's birthday (Thomas themed because Daddy rides the train to work). I am about to embark on a long-overdue painting project of a unfinished kid's adorondack chair we purchased for the kids over a year ago!

Anonymous said...

Your houses are so cute!

Our project for this weekend is to re-build the shelves in our pantry, and I'm planning to put some of the smaller items in baskets (here's where that gift card would come in handy!)

I'll post some pictures next week :)

Dolly said...


I love this idea!


~~Carol~~ said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog via Daisy Cottage, my favorite blog of all time! I see you give credit to a couple of women for inspiring you in decorating your home. They may have inspired you, but you are putting your own stamp on your house, and it is gorgeous! So happy to have found you, and I'm now a follower!
Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Sara, I love,love,love your houses !

Saguaro Chick said...

OMG! I am loving your houses! I am going to win that gift card...oh ya, oh ya, and then I'm off to buy those houses. I adore them! My latest project is crackling. I know, I am probably the only person on the planet to never crackle....until this week! I have had these amazing botanical pictures I have always adored, but never loved the frames. They never looked good anywhere. But I refused to get rid of them, they mean a lot to me and I would never part with them, they remind me of someone very special to me. I knew some day, some how, they would be perfect. And then I met crackle. Yep, got me a bottle of crackle. Painted the wide frame of them deep brown, put on the crackle, went over the crackle with pink....they are GORGEOUS! My kids went crazy watching the process. Watching them crackle is so much fun! Cheap thrill for all of us! Then to top it all off, I swear this is a true story, because of these perfect pictures, I finally found the perfect comforter for my bedroom! Been trying to find the perfect one for two years! I have been holding out until I found the one that made my heart go pitty pat! The minute I saw it, I thought "they will go perfect with those pictures! Perfect frames, bedroom complete! All thanks to a little bottle of crackle!

Leslie (saguarochick@yahoo)

Valerie said...

Oh my pete! I just found you off Kim's, Dear Daisy Cottage blog, you are so inspirational. The first entry I read when I got here hit home for me...I have been wating to keep my daughter, now 15, home for a couple of years, I'm too frightened! then as I finish that one I move down to your bird houses....I am going to hope that I win! If not off to Michaels to see if I can find them, if not look out Lowes, I will need wood and my hubbys hands!
I would love to win!
I have you book marked and will be going back in to read EVERY post you have ever put up!
How exciting!

mgster said...

I just love the houses. Michael's is the best...especially when I can use a 40% coupon. My latest project is cake decorating. My daughter's birthday was a few weeks ago and I made a cake using the Wilton's purse cake pan. It took me about four hours to decorate it, but she loved it. I used purple and peach icing on it. I took classes years ago but have forgotten so much, so now I am back into all the tips, bags, pans, etc. I bought the guitar cake pan to use for my son's August birthday. This one will be quite the challenge. I just hope I don't put too many pounds on with this project! Maybe I should make houses like least you can't eat them. LOL :)

Plasticflywheel said...

Over a period of three days, Jim, Evelyn and I cleared out our third floor room, made a bedroom for Kyle up there and then changed the other bedroom from a dull, cramped room shared by two kids into Vivian's fabulous pink and purple paradise with loft bed. Can I show you pictures?

Julie (-: