Monday, February 15, 2010


On Saturday David and the girls had a plan to go to the movies, but by mid-Saturday morning it was obvious that Lily was sick with the achy breaky fever virus. Rebecca suggested that since they couldn't go to the movies, it would be fun to watch a movie at home in bed. She then excitedly asked if they could have some treats from their Halloween bags while they watched the movie.

No, my children haven't eaten their Halloween candy. Maybe this makes them weird children, but they forget all about it fairly soon after the holiday. We use some for gingerbread houses and the advent calendar but most of it get saved for special occasions.

As soon as Rebecca dashed downstairs to retrieve the bags and I saw the look on David's face I knew we had a problem.

She ran back upstairs clutching two nearly empty treat bags.

"Lily, Daddy ate all of your KitKats!!" Rebecca yelled.

And thus began the wailing and the gnashing and the indigence. It's not often that Lily is the aggrieved party and she relished the opportunity to demand justice.

"I worked so hard collecting KitKats and you ruined everything!" Lily cried.

I wish that this were David's first offense, but he is a repeat offender and serial candy stealer. Reform does not seem likely. Luckily he is willing to make restitution, head hung low.

Finally a settlement was reached and a trip to the candy store was made.

Lily accepted the giant KitKat bar with a scowl. She ate a few pieces and asked that the rest be saved because she is a serial candy saver.

How do you think this story is going to end?


Cheryl said...

With language like repeat offender and serial candy stealer, I'd toss out a wild ass guess that it's going to end badly.

As for reformation, I think there's an app for that!

Hope li'l Lily gets over the achy breaky virus soon ~ for your sake as much as hers.

Lisa said...

Oh I hope David can control himself! That bar gone will be BAD! Hope you are ok today!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

If Davis's wife would share some of her Toblerone stash, he might not be forced to take Kit Kats out of the mouths of babes.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I absolutely forgot the most important aspect of this situation. Looks aside, how can these children actually be related to the two of you???? Did they not inherit the chocolate/sweets gene? What's up with THAT?

Julie said...

Isn't that the point of Halloween? Kids collect candy loot, parents sift through stash pulling out questionable looking KitKats probably poisoned by some psychopath, and then pig out when the kids go to bed.

I think he was framed.

Steve said...


Just found you at TJIC's blog.

Now, this story is me to a T - any candy not consumed at the moment of purchase that ends up in my home is fair game for appropriation. My sympathies lies fully with David: I would sympathize with Lily but anyone who saves candy deserves to be given no quarter ...