Monday, February 1, 2010

Victories small and otherwise...

Do you guys ever get tired of hearing how awful my basement is? I actually considered taking some pictures of it today, but then I realized what a horrible mistake that would be.

The reason that I even considered it was because I tidied it up so that now you can walk through it freely and for a brief moment I was proud. Then I imagined the picture that I would take of all 157 of my pitchers, my decorative items arranged by season and the three groaning shelves of spray paint and realized that my basement looks like it is owned by a lunatic hoarder of home decor.

So let me just say that my basement is a rat hole, but a rat hole in which you are slightly less likely to trip over a vintage croquet set than before I cleaned it.

It took me all day long to work up the energy to go down there because I was so cold. It used to be that I never got cold. Since my new life as an athlete I have lost about sixteen pounds and I think I may have lost an important layer of insulating blubber. I sat in front of the fireplace like a lizard trying to warm itself for about forty-five minutes before I felt warm enough to deal with the basement.

David made it off to his conference, though not before asking me to iron his clothes at 10pm last night. I did it, but I actually like to be asleep at 10pm, not wandering around my house trying to remember where we keep the iron. After my little mishap with the dry cleaning however, I thought it best to be helpful and not complain.

Before I sign off to an evening with my old lady nightgown and a cup of tea, I wanted to let you know that I am now world famous in Poland. One of my blog posts was published in this month's issue of Bay State Parent. It is such a thrill to find that my hapless musings have made it into actual print. Special thanks to Carrie and Jenn for making it happen!


ScottH said...


Be sure to wear your butt-kicking boots tomorrow morning.

Don't worry; it's only a rat hole if you don't know where everything is located. Maybe you should get a shipping container for your back yard, too.

Lisa said...

Congrats! I am sorry you are not showing your basement. So much happens there it would be fun to see!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

Hi Sara!
I told my book club peeps about "Make Your Life a Musical" and they loved it. They are mountain climbers, science teachers, and not really into pop culture so I think it's going to be a hit! Way to go losing the pounds. It makes me realize that I need to move around more! Maybe tomorrow!

Cheryl said...

Hey cutie, your links led me to weird places, which is not unusual, but I couldn't find you anywhere, which is.

Kudos on now having a trip-and-fall free zone in the basement.

Thin is cold. Trust me, it only gets worse the thinner you become. Problem is you have to wear 16 layers to stay warm and no one even notices you've lost all that weight. So weight loss in the north during winter is definitely something you gotta be doing for yourself.

Cheryl said...

Found the Bay State Parent one - nice choice. Still can't find you in Poland. Gotta go to work so I'll resume the search later.

Julie said...

Nice post. Must be your skinny little fingers. I agree that getting in shape in the winter is sort of against nature, but the magazines say we're supposed to be getting our bikini bods right now. And it is only a rat hole/hoarding problem if it isn't organized. Have you seen those people on those shows?

Anonymous said...

Cheryl...think Mel Brooks "To Be Or Not To Be"...classic...we all need to be world famous in Poland at least once in our lives.

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