Friday, May 21, 2010

I am an idiot: Exhibit A

This weekend is arguably one of the busiest weekends in recent memory. It is dance recital weekend and I am the only person in my family who is not dancing in this years show.

Rebecca had a dance team dress rehearsal tonight at 5:00.

Tomorrow, David, Rebecca, and Lily all have dress rehearsals during the day. Rebecca is dancing in the 4:00 show and both David and Rebecca are dancing in the 7:00 show. On Sunday the fun continues when all three of them dance at 3:00.

My head is spinning. So many places to be! At so many different times! I need my chocolate!

None of this stopped me from being a complete idiot today and completely rearranging all of the furniture in Rebecca's room. I also roasted a chicken and made a batch of chili so that we'd have food available throughout this crazy weekend.

The compulsion to rearrange Rebecca's furniture has been mounting all week. When I am trying to fall asleep at night I don't count sheep. I lay awake and redecorate my house. I imagine the lovely parts of my house made even more charming with a slightly altered arrangement of knick-knacks. I silently scorn the areas of my house which for whatever reason are driving me crazy.

This week all of that energy has been directed at Rebecca's rat hole room. I knew that it could be ignored no longer- the room needed me, and I, it.

I took it apart. The books were piled on the floor. All of the furniture was moved. The girls and I enjoyed a few lovely hours sitting among the books, sorting them and listening to the Harry Potter audio book. The windows were open and the warm breezes wafted through the room.

It would have continued to be loveliness had Lily not attempted to play in Rebecca's newly created American Girl nook, triggering a litany of injustice and misery being perpetrated upon her by the world in general and her family in particular. Eleven, I think I hate you. Please return my sensible child, our crazy child position is already filled.

Calming Rebecca took some time and before long it was time to take Lily to gymnastics. While Rebecca's room was finished, the rest of the house was utter squalor. There was overflow from Rebecca's room all over the floor of the hallway. Lily's room was a disaster. All of the blankets and pillows were on the floor, covered in sleeping animals who enjoyed finding cozy spots among the piles of books and stuffed animals.

My room was covered in things which needed to be taken to the attic and laundry which needed to be put away.

Meanwhile, the rest of the house noticed that I was occupied with the upstairs and took that as a sign to party. The dust bunnies tripled in size, shoes multiplied and the dirty dishes in the sink committed unspeakable acts. I cannot describe these acts here. Trust me.

After Lily and I returned from gymnastics I shifted into high gear and somehow put the house back together. The laundry is away, the dishwasher is full and the kitchen floor is mopped.

I can go to bed knowing that the house is clean, but that I am an idiot. On a day when I should have been buying bobby pins and hair nets, I trashed my house and put it back together.

Still....Wanna see some pictures of Rebecca's room?

Have you ever noticed that in home magazines you never see any toys in childrens rooms? Maybe an antique rocking horse in an empty corner or some vintage blocks stacked just so. Where the heck are the toys? Where are the stacks of books- not to mention all of the crap treasures which children accumulate and cannot part with? I see those pictures and imagine a huge pile of plastic Little Tikes toys stacked up in another room while the photo shoot is going on. Big colored bins of legos, clashing horribly with the tasteful and muted designer colors of Pottery Barn Kids.

I think I am a wee bit crabby and should probably go to bed before I start ranting about laundry rooms so full of decorative "laundry" items that there is no actual laundry.

Have a good weekend and do not be an idiot. Love, Your Most Idiotic Blogger


Lisa said...

The room looks great!! I do the same thing. I have been known to clean out closets @ 2am!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl said...

*sigh* I can't get my mind off the unthinkable acts going on in the sink. Sure the pictures were a great distraction just not enough to stop these crazy thoughts I'm having about those dishes.

Valley Girl said...

Sara, love the's REAL!!
I thought the people who allowed those photo shoots in their homes didn't allow their children to own toys!!
Hope your day is BEAUTIFUL like YOU!!