Saturday, May 15, 2010

My boots and the truth about "running errands"...

For the past three nights I have been having dreams of junking. What does this mean? What kind of freak actually dreams of going to stores filled with the things that other people have thrown out?  What does that say about me?

This morning I got up early, at least by homeschool standards, and exercised. Then I showered and ate and woke David to tell him that I was going to "run some errands".

"Running errands." Sounds mysterious and important doesn't it?  It could mean anything. I could be going to the post office or the hardware store or negotiating peace in the Middle East.

When I say that I am running errands it usually means one thing- that I am sneaking out junking but want to sound like I am doing important housewifely duties.

That is exactly what I did when I told David that I was running errands. I made it sound like I had a very important grocery store trip to make. Then I just happened to go to a grocery store in another town that just happens to be near Global Thrift.

Junk needs me.

I found eight of these lovely Corelle plates. They are so cheery!

I snapped this up as soon as I saw it. Butter yellow Fiestaware mug.

Check out the price!

I also found some cute Oilily clogs, J.Crew polka dot flip flops and a Free People skirt. I spent two hours leisurely shopping while my family thought I was slaving over coupons at the grocery store.

There are not enough Hail Mary's to absolve me of my sin.

My friend Edwidge has been asking me for a photo of the boots that I found on Mother's Day. I wish you could hear her ask. She is French (and very skinny of course) and has the sexiest French accent. She cannot be denied, so I am posting some pictures of the boots.

One more thing, for those of you keeping track. I have now lost 33 pounds and for the first time in a year, Wii Fit called my weight normal.

I've never been normal in my entire life. Wii should say, "Freak, at a healthy weight". For now my appetite for junk and chocolate has been satiated and I can go to bed content.

Unless I have the junk dream again...


Lisa said...

Great finds!! I was looking through a new magazine yesterday and was reminded I needed a muffin tin to use for crafting. You know cheap and can paint it! I decided to hit the GW on my way home from work and almost missed it! I had already forgotten. Some days I have to look several times and think of different uses for what I see. So .74 cents later I have a great muffin tin that is already white and will be easy to paint if have to have a new color!! Yey!!!! I love your boots! BUT most important WELL DONE YOU!!! 33 pounds!! That is great. I wish I could loose any! Nice your wii thinks you are normal ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Candylei said...

I linked over from Peyton the Schnauzer's blog and he was right I would not be disappointed after reading through your posts. Kids, birds, dog and husbands are quite the combination. I should know.
Thanks, Candylei

Cheryl said...

Junk needs me just cracked me up! You look faboo, Ms. Thang, just absolutely fabulous.

I think you misunderstood Wii ~ it called your weight normal, not you. Wii knows.

Anonymous said...

You woke your poor husband.

I'm going to have to rethink this whole marriage business.

Thea said...

The boots rock - and you are looking amazing in that mirror shot. Very Charlie's Angels with the knit top, chain belt and the boots!

Julie said...

Oh I like the Charlie's Angels comment. Very FBI'ish.

Anonymous said...

You are a sex kitten. xo Mari

Edwige said...

Love the boots! Love your blog! Thanks!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Congrats on losing 33 pounds! If that's you in the mirror, honey, you look fabulous!

Now I wish you'd tell me how you find all these amazing finds. Where do you junk? How does one find good junk? Have you considered writing a tutorial? I wish you would!


Valley Girl said...

Oh My Gravy!!! How did I miss this post???
Those boots are SWEET!!!
I wish we lived would be so good for my soul!!

Love the plates and of course that butter yellow cup!!