Saturday, May 1, 2010

Springing into action!

We are having a crisis!

A water main has broken and we are all using untreated pond water for our washing and hydration needs!

This is one of those times where it rocks to be me.

Why? Why would it be great to be me during a crisis?

Because I like to plan! Because I assume the worst! Because there is nothing that mobilizes me like a good disaster!

In the months leading up to Y2K I stockpiled toilet paper, diapers and canned goods. We didn't run out of toilet paper until June!

When I learned of this crisis of hydration I did not run to the store to fight my neighbors for overpriced bottled water. I simply went to my disaster supply kit for a few essentials.

I also brought these upstairs.

They have an expiration date of 2007. Whatever. It's water without pond scum or poop.

I also have these matches. Just waiting for the perfect combination of cold and damp to use them.

I will say this though. If my supplies run out before the water is restored I am running to my dad's house on the cape where the water is clean and the grandparents are plenty!


Lisa said...

Always good to have a plan and a back up plan! Those treatments seem to be really great! Well Done You!!
Hope it is fixed soon!!
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl said...

I think you just coined the new Welcome to the Cape of Good Cod phrase. A sign needs to hung just over the bridge so all can see!