Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breakfast with Lily...

Me: "Lily honey, what would you like for breakfast?"

Lily: "I want warm food."

Me: "Ok, how about some oatmeal?"

Lily: "I want food that is warm, but not hot. And no breakfast food."

Me: "Ummmm. How about some left over pasta?"

Lily: "I want food that is warm, but not hot and not soft. And not crunchy."

Me: "I have no idea what you want. There's the cereal."

Lily starts to cry.

Lily: "But (insert pathetic sob here) I want warm food and I hate that cereal!"

Me: "Fine. Go to the refrigerator and find something you want to eat."

Lily: "I am not eating any Gogurts."

Me: "Fine. Just. Find. Something. Now."

Lily: "Do we have any cheeseburgers?"

Me: "NO!!!! We do not have cheeseburgers!"

I sit down with my bowl of cereal.

Lily wanders around whimpering at the unfairness of her life for a few minutes. There is some stomping and growling.

Lily: "Can I have some of your cereal?"

I give her my cereal and go eat left-over birthday cake.

Lily: "Mom?"

Me: "WHAT?????"

Lily: "Can we snuggle?"

We snuggle. Then she steals my cake.

Lily: "This is the best breakfast ever!"


Anonymous said...


You keep Travis' mythological creatures in your refrigerator.

Cheryl said...

You still have left-over cake? Damn, why didn't you call, email, or shout really loudly???? (Your won't-power is amazing.)

Thea F. said...

"Dad is Great. He gave us Chocolate Cake." - Bill Cosby -

mgster said...

some mornings you just don't know what to eat!