Friday, July 9, 2010


There are so many things I could tell you about.

I could tell you about the sand which always finds its way into my sheets this time of year and which is causing my hips to develop callouses.

I could tell you that yesterday I had to call Webkinz on the phone to tell them that Lily's Zap Mazin' Hamster was a Twilight Mazin' Hamster. It was the most pathetic phone call I have ever made.
         "Webkinz Customer Support! My name is Daisy, How may I help you?"

          "Well, yesterday my daughter, username Puggypusball2010,  bought a virtual Zap Mazin' hamster at the E-Store but when she entered the code it came up as a Twilight Mazin' Hamster and now she's crying."

           "I'm sorry to hear that Ma'am. We've been having some trouble with our virtual hamsters. Please give me your phone number and I'll call you back tomorrow with a new code for the correct hamster."

They never  called me back, which means that I have to call back tomorrow and have the same conversation all over again. It seemed like the kind of solution which was doomed to fail.

The most important thing you need to know is that the novelty of summer has worn off. Last night the kids were up until 10pm for no good reason and then we all slept until 9am. Well, everyone except for Lily who slept until 9:30.

It goes without saying that the nuns never slept so late.

It just feels so wrong. So sinful. We have no commitments to keep. No camp to attend. Nothing but the yawning mouth of summer before us.

The whole thing had me feeling very crabby today so I tried to be productive and shake myself out of it.

Our porch has been bothering me lately. We have a coat rack out there which has turned into a great hulking beast of outerwear. Something had to be done.

In order to remove the coat rack I had to engage in suburban archeology and painstakingly remove three seasons worth of outerwear. The first layer was raincoats and sweatshirts. Next was mid-weight coats. Finally, I arrived at snow pants- still muddy from the last snowstorm of winter.

After the coat rack was out I tackled a pile of deep detritus consisting of dog hair, cat hair, sand, crumpled leaves and gum wrappers.

Once the area was all cleaned out I installed a red shelf that I found a few months ago in my junk travels and a row of hooks. Finally, I moved a storage chest from one of last summer's junk escapades underneath.

It's so much lovelier now.

I'm sorry to say that being productive did not cure my malaise completely, though it did make me tired and sweaty.

But I was raised to know that tired and sweaty are the product of virtuous endeavors and are an appropriate penance for the sin of sloth.


Anonymous said...

Your sunporch is like a life-sized dollhouse lovely with lace on the windows. Let me move in now, Please. I won't take up much space just under the croquet set with that plaid blanket around me...and my head on a pug. Maybe. If I have earplugs... (earpugs?) luv, Ms. TT

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. xo M

Anonymous said...

Thank God it's only sand.

For a moment there I thought you had an annual sandwich migration though your bedding.

And speaking of bedding, tired and sweaty, where's David?

GretchenJoanna said...

My, my, what a lovely and inviting place. Thank you.

Julie said...

Those cake topper people still aren't married? Nice clean up. I too thought maybe you had a summer thing of eating sandwiches in bed. We start a movie and eat ice cream in bed. :0 big sin.

Cheryl said...

Why, oh why do you keep moving that married couple all over the place. I think there was a point to your post but right now I feel like I'm in the middle of Where's Waldo or Where in the Hell is Carmen F. San Diego.

You are going to hell just for screwing around with my feeble mind. Get over yourself.

Thea said...

I like your "suburban archeology" - the "where's waldo" on the married people. It looks great.

If that blanket in the last shot is indeed wool, you may want to hide some cedar bricks in its folds or tuck lavendar sachets in it in order to keep it out in the air -- the moths love woolsnacks in summer and it would be a shame to get it all holey!

Pom Pom said...

So many pretty colors! The yawning mouth of summer = funny.

Anonymous said...

Practice makes perfect.............................................................

Lisa said...

I really love your porch! Sorry about the hamster! Sometimes it is hard to get anything you want any more! Hope you can find some fun Summer excitement!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I love the porch and all of your accents..Your wit is hysterical..I smile everytime I read your blog..Have a great weekend..

Left-Handed Housewife said...

We are in the same summer hell, Sara. I hate that it's true, but so nice to have you for company. And your porch looks lovely.

I think next summer I'm renting my children out to farmers. The boys need something real to do, and I could use the money.