Saturday, July 17, 2010

There's no business like show business except when there is a sniper!

Before I get into the whole story of love, loss, redemption, snipers and too much left over food, I have to tell you that yes, I am a freak.

As you may or may not know, David is a Television Producer. I used capital letters which makes it even more official. I am not a Television Producer, though I like to read celebrity gossip rags on line at the grocery store sometimes so that gives us a lot in common.

Yesterday David had a Big Shoot in which he cast Lily and Rebecca. Generally, I avoid Big Shoots because they can be Very Boring, with lots of people imploring you TO PLEASE HURRY UP TO WARDROBE AND MAKEUP only to then tell you that the light isn't quite right or the director is removing a dead bird from a vent or that the stars are not perfectly aligned. Acting is 10% acting and 90% standing around trying not to eat too much food while you wait.

Anyway, yesterday was much better than most shoots. It had lots of space outside for the children to frolic and there was a sniper.

Now you know that I harbor a not so secret love of anything FBI/CIA detective law enforcement related. When David told me that the security detail on the set was an ex-marine sniper, well, I got a little excited. I watched him scan the perimeter always on alert for serial killers, international spies and dog nappers.

Nothing would get past him. When he came in for water he told us about a murder case he worked on. Murder, lust, jealously and greed- it was all there. It was the best shoot I have ever been on.

The kids were good and patient actors and no one was surprised when Lily talked the make-up artist into giving her a fake black eye. She's a weirdo.

The girls and I gratefully left the shoot at around 11:00 last night. The rest of the cast and crew still had hours to go before they wrapped. David made his way home at about 6:30am. When the kids and I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast I found a very disturbing sight.

No sniper. Just lots and lots of left over junk food. My diet is doomed.


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Cheryl said...

I'm loving the Asian's comments so much I can barely contain myself.

If no one knew before, they now know you hail from the greater NY area which includes Jersey. ON line is definitely not what any self-respecting New Englander would say. Just so you know.

I laughed my butt off through this entire thing. You are such a weirdo it's no wonder Lily is doomed. If there's any chocolate in the left-overs, please send it my way. I'd hate for your diet to suffer because the Television Producer is insensitive.

Julie said...

Yeah, I wonder where Lily gets her weirdoness from... Meeting the God's forgiveness for hitting the Volvo lady.

Anonymous said...

It was rumored that Travis was having a bad day. Better safe than sorry. However, the best defense is not a sniper, but a burrito.