Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In which Amy gives me the greatest gift of all...

Today it was 104 degrees. That's right people, 104 degrees of hotter than hell.

My plan was to junk and then grocery shop, but my children were having none of it. Specifically this child, complained bitterly.

Sometimes Lily can be talked into things and other times well, stubborn, whiny and pain in my butt are all words that come to mind.

Rebecca didn't want to junk either because that would have required changing out of her jammies and she informed me that that just wasn't going to happen today.

The day was looking bleak.

Then I nervously asked Amy if Lily could go over to her house to play with her kids.

"Sure!" she replied. "Send her over!"

It was a child care miracle. I left Rebecca home with David so that she could draw pictures of warrior kitties and call my stepmother fourteen times. Then I headed over to Amy's, dropped Lily off and high tailed it off to Urban Renewals. I found a few things, though nothing spectacular.

The most important thing I found was silence. It was just such a luxury to be out by myself. I junked in solitude. I was not asked to purchase beanie babies or other random bits of crap. Nor did I have to keep tabs on children determined to try on every pair of hooker heels in the shoe aisle.

It was utter loveliness.

At the grocery store I had a chocolate muffin and coffee for lunch because I didn't have to set a good example. Setting a good example all the time can be a drag.

After I got home and put away my ice cream nutritious groceries, I went to pick up Lily.

During bath tonight I asked Lily if she had fun at Amy's.

"Yes!" she replied. "I had a fudgesicle and I saw *T's penis!"

Ahhhhh. The price of freedom.

*T is Amy's son and he is seven. Just in case you were wondering.


Julie said...

Ah...now it makes sense why you have a soft porn ad claiming to set you up with a "friend" on the side bar...you wrote the words hooker heels and penis. Shame on Google. Now my eyes are burning. I like to eat big fat plates of Mexican Food for nutritious lunches. As for the heat, we were just saying today that anyone north of Texas was being a big pansy about the heat. Just stick your head in the freezer unless it's too stuffed with ice cream. The freezer, not your head.

Thea said...

Ha! I'm always impressed with how well Maya walks in those hooker heels at the store...

and am laughing at the rest.

amy. said...

I like to think we provide what they call an educationally enriched environment over here.

Bring her any time, she is delightful, like her mom. Only in a different way.:)


Cheryl said...

I'm so bummed that there's no soft-porn ads now that I'm here. Must be my angelic presence. Or not.

You'll be happy to know that my tolerance for this weather has completely disappeared since I was put on meds for my heart. This sucks and I now feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Ah, the joy of shopping alone. With boys there's no shoe lust, but there's also no shopping glee. It's just "Can we buy the baseball cards and get out of here?" I've yet to luck out on the double out of the house playdate--one for each boy, not here, at the same time--but the summer is sadly young, so maybe it will happen for me, and I too will be alone at last.

104 really sucks. We hit 101 yesterday. Miserable. Joyless. Big fears about global warming, etc.