Tuesday, July 27, 2010


People, I could write an entire post about how tired I am. I could tell you about how even my finger nails are tired and that my eyebrows are just exhausted.

But I won't because that would be a very boring post.

Instead, I will tell you about my most current obsession.

Robin's egg blue. It's all I can think about for my bedroom walls.

Here's what they look like now (and have looked liked for at least three years which for me is a record!):



I've loved the creamy white of this room. It's been great- really!

But well, I feel like I need to move on and spend some time with other colors.

So much of the furniture in this room is white.

I can't help but imagine the beauty of all of that white against robin's egg blue.

I started doing some paint color research which only further inflamed my need for spreadable latex color.

House of Turquoise,  I love you. You have set my heart aflame. I may never recover.

Then, I went over to Cobi where there is an entire page devoted to shades of turquoise, aqua and blue.

This is Sweet Rhapsody by Behr. I love this color. Just the right combination of blue and green and true love.

If you're looking for me tomorrow I'll be the insane woman with the crabby children wandering the Home Depot color aisle babbling about blue and stuffing paint chips into my purse.

Feel free to pretend we've never met.


janet said...

I am sure the color will look lovely in your room along with the white furniture..Robin Egg Blue even looks good with brown..My daughter has this color combination in her bedroom..Her walls are the dark brown with the robin egg blue accents..It is sharp..Can't wait to see how it looks..Good luck getting your paint samples at Home Depot with the crabby children..LOL..Have a great week..

Lisa said...

LOL! I love the color! I am not one for blue walls though. Never really interested me. I don't hate blue, and I'm sure you will love it, I just avoid it if there are other options. NO real reason why I just do. Cannot wait to see what you find. I was in Wal-Mart today and picked up chips to see if I want my furniture painted one or many of them :)
Have fun feed the girls, they won't be as craby!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

My room is Aspen something or other. I've had this color in 2 different houses. That's love. It's an ice blue color and we have white and black accent colors. Maybe if the girls were getting to pick a special color for their room they might not be crabby.

Michael said...

Sweet Rhapsody is pretty green in the pallet book (P.40). Rivers Edge (P.102)(510C-3U) tones down the green without going red. Ask the HD guy if you can see the pallet book.

Remember that you will be seeing this color at night under artificial light unless your bi-polar in which case a bright yellow would be in order.

If you want your own book from either HD or Lowes I can set you up.

黃錢靜怡慧婷 said...

More haste, less speed.............................................................

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I personally am obsessed with periwinkle blue. I want to find exactly the right periwinkle for our bedroom. Here's the problem: The Man painted the boys' bathroom last December in periwinkle, an almost perfect periwinkle, and now it feels like it would be strange to paint our bedroom, a mere five feet down the hall, the same shade. But I might just do it. Because I so want to wake up to it.

Robin's Egg blue is also beautiful. I can't wait to see your room when it's done!


Cheryl said...

This is frightening. I can't see that particular color on every wall without thinking I've fallen into a city swimming pool and I'm drowning. 10 shades lighter? Oh yeah.

Did you know this is how things went terribly wrong with Memere's bedroom? It started with a shade similar to this then got darker and more poolish each time she chose a new color. Be careful out there.

Saguaro Chick said...

Have you thought about maybe a creamy yellow, not mustard, not kitchen yellow, but a creamy french countryish one...it would really bring out the reds in the room and the whites without overwhelming the room. Just a thought. Would the robins egg blue work in the playroom for your kids since it is such a fun playful color?


Anonymous said...

Blue and white living lends itself to sooooooooooooooooooo many wonderful accent colors. Robins egg blue always reminds me of the house on the lake in WM...but this is a lovely shade. and actually one one of the colors in my LR...

sharonhofmann said...

I passed up a similar dress form in an antique shop this weekend and I'm really regretting it.

Love the Sweet Rhapsody.

mgster said...

oh-la-la...I love that color and it will go great with red!