Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Absolutely nothing. You?

The last week of summer.

How fun.

And by fun, I mean completely boring.

The last few days have featured boat loads of nothing. We have done all of the summer things we cared to do and yet, the summer yawns on like the last guy at a party who can't take a hint.

When I am bored I become incapable of doing anything sensible.

Write lesson plans? Why bother, I have weeks before we start school.

Laundry? Please. I can do it tomorrow.

Read trashy detective novels and eat ice cream while the children rot their brains watching television? Sounds grand!

The problem with having this much free time is that I start to think about my hair too much. Should I cut it? Continue to grow it? Is it living up to its hair potential?

It's too hot to tidy the attic and the basement holds no thrills.

No, we must simply live each day to its end so that we might arrive in the fall.

The air will cool, our lessons will begin.

Until then, we will drift along aimlessly killing time in the Summer Doldrums.


Tracy said...

I'll swap you my summer! The kids get seven weeks. At our school, us staff get six. When you're away camping for three of those weeks, summer is short. And the hottest part comes when you're back at work.

In July we spent 3 weeks with my BIL in Colorado Springs. Now there's perfect summer weather! Beats our grey winter days any time.

Sullygirl said...

I think to pull you out of your funk you need to think FALL...punpkins, fall leaves and cooler weather! I so want to drag out my fall box and put out the apple candles, but if I do Ryan will surly scorn me since it's not even Labor day yet.
Our first day of school is tomorrow 9/2. HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

Thinking about my hair too much....that's what I've been doing lately. You make me laugh.


Julie said...

I would take boat loads of nothing next to a dead bird in a vent any day. I was thinking, "I wonder when she's getting her fall do?" It's coming soon I bet.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Ah, summer, how I miss it.

Okay, I don't really. Not in the least. I do miss not being exhausted. And it has surprised me that my homeschooling friends also are exhausted when they start back up, so get some rest! Grow your hair so you have something to cut when February becomes too much! Eat more ice cream!

There. That's all the advice I have.