Monday, August 9, 2010

My Children: A psychological analysis through bumper cars

This weekend my generous in-laws treated our entire family to a weekend in Maine. There was lobster, ice cold ocean water and lots of great family time.

The highlight for the children was without a doubt our spur of the moment stop at York's Wild Kingdom and Amusement Park. We skipped the zoo and stuck with the rides. Lucky for us our kids are completely naive deprived have little experience with amusement parks so they were perfectly happy to visit a small park without any really scary rides.

Also, it was cheap! $10 per kid for an all day pass!

There was one moment at the park which illustrated everything you ever need to know about my children.

It happened during Bumper Cars.

Rebecca and Lily both wanted to ride the bumper cars and who am I to deprive my children of almost certain neck trauma?

Rebecca in a Bumper Car:

She only wants to drive. She controls her vehicle with an air of calm nonchalance. "I am driving my car to my weekly luncheon for the Society of the Appreciation of Cute Kitties. There I will eat a delicious meal of tuna fish sandwiches and fruit cup." She hugs the walls, not out of fear, but because in her driving fantasy there are no car crashes, only appointments to go to the theater and volunteer her time rehabilitating sick squirrels. Here she is:

Lily in a Bumper Car:

I have seen my future and it involves high car insurance premiums. Lily got into her car and instantly an evil gleam appeared in her eye. Even before the car started she was casing the scene, deciding who would feel her bumper wrath. Once her car started she hit every car on the track and she gave the bumper of her sister extra special attention. Here she is driving with my nephew and another one of her driving by herself. Can you see the glee of this child?

They are my heart and soul, my yin and yang, my agony and my ecstasy, my joy and laughter.
Pity Me. 
Envy Me.
It's all there. My babies. My people. My love.


Pom Pom said...

So cute! You are so right about the neck trauma. Just thinking about bumper cars makes my spine hurt!

Anonymous said...

York is fun. xo Mari

Aoife.Troxel said...

I like York's...:)

Anonymous said...

York was the scene of your lion incident! xoxo Mom

Cheryl said...

FTW? You went to YWK without me? I've never been. Yeah I know, it's like 10 miles away, but there's a freakin' state line in the way!

Actually, I've heard really good things about the zoo itself. Next time come see what kind of mischief the kids can get into with the lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

Did you stop at Goldenrod's for ice cream and salt water taffy?

Left-Handed Housewife said...

My neck hurts just looking at these pictures! I was more a Lily in my day, I have to say. I have two brothers, and we pretty much tried to send each other flying (which is to say: kill each other). Ah, bumper cars! Can you imagine riding in one now?