Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Fiestaware Mojo...

Sometimes I get lucky. Seriously.

Most of the time I slog through the junk stores and find nothing but last years faded Kmart tee shirts and flowered pfaltzgraff from 1988.

Then there are days like today when the junk bounty is abundant.

Lily, Rebecca and I went to Urban Renewals to look for some pants for Lily and a dress for me to wear to a fancy schmancy wedding. While there it seemed logical to check out the housewares, you know, just in case there was something that needed me to buy it.

Thank god I did!

I found one of these,

One of these,

And one of these!

The yellow one and the orange one were in a bag of miscellaneous mugs for .99. The turquoise one was .99.

I was thrilled. I love Fiestaware, but it's too expensive to buy new.

After Urban Renewals, Lily was being a pain in the butt difficult so we brought her home. Then Rebecca and I headed out to Global Thrift. Lily still needed pants and I still needed a fancy dress.

We walked in and I went to the housewares table where, you guessed it, there was more Fiestaware waiting for me.

Six of these bread and butter plates.

There were also a few turquoise saucers and three dinner plates, but I passed those up. I have learned from experience that three plates are a burden. It's got to be four or nothing.

I was reeling from my good fortune when I spied with my little eye something yellow, in fact, I spied four something yellows for .99 each.

More yellow mugs! It was crazy- like a glorious dream of junk and joy.

But people, it was not over yet!

I also found this matching creamer for .99.

Finally I spotted this bit of Mccoy pottery for 1.99.

The icing on the junk cake was a Lauren gown I found for the wedding for a whopping 8.49!

Junk, you are my one true love.


Cheryl said...

You are truly the Goddess of Junque.

If you had to write something that included the word Corelle, what would it be? (Quite serious.)

Lisa said...

Fiesta ware rocks!! You found such great pieces! I need one more color to complete my set, I want red and grab a piece at Khols when they run a sale good prices if you hit the right sale! Enjoy your goodies! Our junk stores here suck!
Hugs, lisa

Karen said...

I'm surprised to hear that you wouldn't buy 3 plates -- you strike me as the mix 'n' match type.

Gumbo Lily said...

We do not have junk like that at my area thrift stores. Lucky (Napoleon Dynamite tone)