Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sled dogs...

Thanksgiving arrived on Cape Cod delivering French Canadian pastries, french onion soup and perfectly cooked prime rib.  It was, to put it simply, perfection. We took the dogs for a long walk on the beach to prepare Pugsley for his starring role as Balto: The Dog Who Saved Nome.

He is really quite the heroic beast.

Sophie spent time at the beach learning an important lesson: Pugs who eat sand, barf sand.

Once we returned from the beach it was time for the big performance!

A sign indicating the destination of the noble Balto was painstakingly prepared by Pepere.

The sled carrying the life saving vaccine was attached to Pugsley and we described his mission to him.

Go straight!
Do not get distracted!
Do not eat the life saving vaccine!
It is not nap time!

Finally, it was time for his trip to commence.

Rebecca read aloud the story of Balto beginning with the story of his trip to Nome and ending with his taxidermic (Is taxidermic a word?) final resting in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

There was much rejoicing in the house as Pugsley completed his epic journey across the room. We celebrated by eating the life saving vaccine, which in this case, as in many cases, was chocolate. The dogs were released from further responsibilities, acting or otherwise and were rewarded with a nap by the fire and copious table scraps of prime rib.

After we had all eaten our fill, it was time for bed. I tucked myself in early in preparation of the big event, Black Friday.

To be continued...


Pom Pom said...

"Balto" is a real star! He's handsome. Sophie is a cutie patootie, too!

Cheryl said...

No way! Your dad did not write that sign. He's far too precise to slap something together. Sliderule! Level!

I can't believe you did this. Oh wait, what was I thinking? I can't believe you did this without putting a mini-keg around his neck.