Monday, November 1, 2010


The women with whom I share a genetic link are all a bit...well, odd.

There's my cousin Cheryl over at Deckside Thoughts. She is growing out her armpit hair for testicular awareness. I think. Total wacko.

There's Rebecca who recently wrapped a Barbie in toilet paper and announced that she was now Dead and Mummified Barbie.

There's Lily who weirdness is epic.

I might be a little strange.

Right now though, my mom is wearing the crazy crown.

A few months ago my mom emailed me with an idea. She wanted to honor my husbands fortieth birthday by making him a pink fluffy bunny suit identical to the one worn by Ralpie in A Christmas Story.

Why did she want to spend two weeks drowning in pink fluff? She is a mystery to me, though I suspect that she both longed for the challenge and knew that David is the only man she knows who would wear such a thing.

The timing was perfect. David's birthday is on October 30th which meant the pink bunny costume would also make a perfect Halloween costume.

Nothing says sexy like a man in a bunny costume.

I think that the man purse really gives the look some extra panache.
He walked through about three neighborhoods dressed like that. The kids loved it and in the 32 degree night, David was the only person out who wasn't cold.

Who needs dignity when you can be warm?


Cheryl said...

Sara, first thank you for the shout-out. Spreading the cancer sucks message is so important.

Your mother has ALWAYS worn the crown of weird.

That last photo? Holiday card material, sweetie. It's damn near perfection.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I prefer the term "exaggerated sense of whimsy."

Last photo...reminds me of "Harvey"...big pink pooka.
xoxo lp

Sullygirl said...

I so love this! Tell you mom I want one too...I will shovel snow in it and take pictures, I promise!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love your mom for making this costume and your husband for wearing it. What a team!

Yes, it would appear the women in your family are quite weird. That's why we like them so much.

Your neighborhood looks pretty! I love New England!


Gumbo Lily said...

This was great!