Sunday, November 21, 2010

A touch of ADD...

This week has been spent rather haphazardly.

For example, my room was pure squalor, but I did not really feel like cleaning it because honestly, cleaning is so boring. You know what is not boring? Rearranging all of the furniture in your room thereby confusing both pets and husband alike. The room gets tidy by default, but not before the squalor is transformed into pure chaos.

I applied the same technique to Rebecca's room which is now 50% devoted to an elaborate American Girl sleep/primp/learn area. Pure awesome.

I am going to annoy you all a little here by being a bit smug and boastful which will surely result in me developing a hideous facial lesion or suddenly gaining fifteen pounds. (Twelve years of Catholic school has left me a firm believer that God punishes those who boast.).

I have purchased and wrapped nearly all of the Christmas and Channukah presents for my family, and by family, I mean children. There is still a bit left, but only enough to be fun, not enough to keep me up at night imagining the christmas that mommy failed to make the magic.

I have also become obsessed with socks, you'll be delighted to learn. The socks which I want and can picture so perfectly in my head, are thick chunky warm socks, knee high with lovely patterns which peek over the tops of my boots. This happens to me all the time. I become completely obsessed with a product which I should be able to find quite easily only to be completely stymied by its complete lack of existence.

Okay, I took a break from writing this and found exactly what I am looking for. Except that these are $62. Which is not how much I am willing to pay for socks, no matter how perfect.

 David was away all week which meant that meal times have been a bit unorthodox. I roasted a turkey (.59 a pound!) on Tuesday and have been eating it all week. Except for when I was eating nachos. The children are quite sick of turkey and refuse to take another bite so it is very fortunate that Thanksgiving this year will feature prime rib, which let's face it, completely trumps turkey every time.

I just remembered that I have some actual news which is not about housework or socks!

My children are now athletes! It is true! My baby, my little Lily scored two baskets at her basketball game on Saturday. Two baskets!!! Those of you who knew me in high school and witnessed the precision with which any ball in an athletic setting would hit me in the head can appreciate the miracle which is Lily throwing a ball at a hoop and getting it in.

I think that seeing Lily become a future Olympian has inspired Rebecca because she has now signed up to play lacrosse. My husband is positively bouncing with excitement. Finally, the day has come when his children will fulfill their genetic legacy and catch and throw balls towards intended targets.

Finally, I need to know what everyone's Black Friday strategy is. What are you planning? Where are you going? I must know!


Julie said... your room is now 50% devoted to American Girl stuff also and David is confused...

The socks are HANDMADE...I can appreciate the cost due to knowing how long a hat can take to make...especially if one's (my)husband is nagging me to finish it. If you could wear them many years then it's worth it. In the $2 range are some knee high thin grey argyle pattern socks at Target.

Tracy said...

We visited the US, this year, over the 4th of July. I wish I could see Thanksgiving and Black Friday in action as well!

sharonhofmann said...

I will be avoiding black friday crowds and painting my kitchen. Again. I can't seem to get the color right.

Big Bahama Mama said...

Try DSW. But don't buy the "over the knee" socks.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I will do what I do every Black Friday: Stay home. One of my best friends gets up at 5 and does the town. All I need of hell.

I can't believe you've done your Christmas shopping! I've got the shopping done for my younger brother's family, but that's it. I want to be done now. I envy you! I admire you! Well done, my dear!


Cheryl said...

I think your socks are gone. The link led to 207 pair of socks. I sorted by price and there were none for $62. Email my mom with your specs or a picture or a pattern. She's a sock making fool. And her rates are waaaaaaay too low.

Black Friday? Isn't that the end of Lent?

Gumbo Lily said...

You get the crown for Christmas Queen (all wrapped already?).

As ranchers, we're always happy to hear when folks are having beef for the holidays!

My strategy for Black Friday --


Sharon said...

I am a little ADD, too, and your post really gave me a good laugh because I have used the same rearrange the house method for cleaning up. Twelve years of Catholic school for me, too, and the facial lesion/weight gain thing really happens if one gets too smug, I swear.