Friday, November 5, 2010

In which Arizona tries to kill me...

You guys know that I am not a great traveler right?

I could tell you a long story about our flights, my sore throat, my coughing and congestion, Rebecca's sore throat, Lily's sore throat and my altitude nausea, but really, who needs to hear that sorry tale?

Suffice it to say that we have now been in Arizona for three days. I have been in two Walmarts. Once for a booster seat for Lily (she chose the camo print, thanks for asking) and once for some cold medicine. I went to Goodwill (junking is healing) and two other junk stores. On route to one of those junk stores I walked briskly up a hill which nearly caused me to pass out from altitude sickness.

There has been jetlag.

I have seen a grasshopper, a lizard (which I tried to catch and failed) and my mother's cat who has only one good ear.

We are optimistic that tomorrow our health may actually permit us to venture into a genuine Tourist Area of Interest.

If not, I hear that's there's another Goodwill (Firearms are not permitted inside!) nearby. And I still need to catch a lizard.


Tracy said...

I may not suffer the same fears you do when it comes to flying, but I don't enjoy altitude sickness. When you live at 843ft and suddenly arrive at the mile high city of Denver...and then head a little further to Colorado Springs....and THEN drive up to Pikes Peak you suddenly realise how much you value air that is heavily laden with oxygen!

I hope you're feeling way better really quickly.

Cheryl said...

You're scaring me. Now I'm rethinking this whole "Oh goodie, we're going to AZ to see the NASCAR race AND we get to spend time up the hill with Lorette. Wheee!" thing. I'm so glad we'll be seeing you down at sea level even if organs will be rising from floors.

Anonymous said...

It's so weird that you're so far away. You're the home anchor.