Saturday, August 1, 2009

The portrait of Lily as a young writer...

This year in 1st grade Lily learned many things. One of the things that her class did was write a paper every Monday morning describing the events of their weekend.

The focus was not on spelling, but on getting them excited to write.

Lily wrote this story in late September of last year.

Here's the translation. "This weekend I had a bump on my butt. My mom had to squeeze my butt. Out came pus. I cried a lot and a lot and a lot."

Lily had a very bad abscess. It required, well, draining. Notice the green in the picture? It's pus. I am so proud.

Lily has never been afraid to express herself.

This is the first real note she ever wrote to me.

Translation: "Dear Mom, You're awful. I hate you."

I love that one. She was so mad when she wrote it, just saying the words weren't enough. Luckily, I am not easily wounded.

This one starts out well. "This weekend I slept late. My mom woke me up. Bradley came over. We talked and played and then..."

Here's where it all starts to go downhill. "My sister and I rode bikes. We went to the park. I rode and got out of control and I crashed into the fence. I got stitches. I had the worst weekend ever!"

Such a flair for describing drama.

Here's one without tragedy.

"What Would You Do With a Pot of Gold?"

"I will get a TV. I would buy 9 teddy bears and 10 cupcakes and 100 pugs and chew toys."

Thank god she thought to include the chew toys. Such a practical girl.

She just thrills me pretty much with every breath she takes. She is a weird kid, but she is very much my weird kid.


marie said...

Your Lily is quite the writer ~ and a wonderful illustrator too! School papers were some of the best things from when mine were in school ~ thanks so much for bringing a sweet memory to mind!

Cheryl Duford said...

She's a chip off the old block, no doubt about it! Good graphics in any story are very important and she's got nailed.

You're getting the most interesting ads from Adsense since your post yesterday. I've been experimenting with opening and closing your site and it's a riot to watch the ads change. Sometimes it's just one huge ad for Trojans, other times, they'll be a condom ad sprinkled in with overhead fan ads. Funny stuff.

mgster said...

I just love this! Especially that pus & butt story! These are papers you will treasure always. And the "hate note"...too funny! And, of course, you will have many more. All this writing and illustrations, well, it's a girl thing. I have two boys and one girl and all I really ever got from the boys were home made cards and sweet notes once in a while. But my daughter wrote stories, had her own little newsletter with he best friend that they delivered to neighbors, made posters, etc.

As a preachool teacher, my 3's don't write...but they talk! And some of the stuff they tell us is hysterical. I had a dad a few years ago that I could not make eye contact with because of what his son told me about him! The man would just die if he knew...but it makes a great story at parties...hehehe! And I never use his real name so it's okay. :)

I love kids...especially their busy little minds!

TJIC said...

100 pugs?


Lisa said...

Thanks for sahring this! Now I'm not sure she'll love it in 10 years! It's good she can express herself!
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

How cute! It's a good thing you save her writing. She'll like looking at it in a few years.

Ginger said...

That's a great post. I hope you save all these papers and drawings. Well, I know you can't save them all, but ones like this are going to be so funny years down the road.