Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When they are good, they are so so good...

The girls and I are back on the cape for a few days.

Rebecca and Lily love to play outside here. Our backyard at home is a green and fake bricked rectangle. We have a few trees and a few bushes. There is nothing mysterious about it.

Nana and Pepere's yard is a woodland fairytale. Their house is tucked in the woods. The woods are mostly pine and create shadows and hide-aways. There are many shade loving flowers around the house and in the garden. There are dapples of sunlight which create small bursts of color in the flowers that it reaches.

Rebecca and Lily spent about an hour outside this afternoon as the shadows grew. They collected pine cones, moss and flower petals.

They created this fairy sculpture.

Lily told me that this is the fairy vault where important things are stored.

I was so happy to come and spy the fairy offerings. Once I had my camera out I saw so many things to photograph.

This just-being-born hydrangea caught my eye.

This peony is from their garden.

I love nests. You must know this about me. They are so womby, you know?

After a while the spell ended and the children came back in the house demanding snacks and tv. They were calmed with nectarines and a game of cards. I know what I witnessed though, the gentle chatter, the purposeful creation in their play. I know who they really are, when they are at their most inspired, at their most divine. It's my favorite secret to hold.


Lisa said...

Very sweet! It is fun when they are not remembering you are looking!
Hugs, Lisa

Saguaro Chick said...

As I read this I was remembering the little beautiful flowers from The Spiderwick Chronicles that secretly were little fairies....you photographed some of the finest of mother nature....I feel like I could just curl up and nap in that sweet little nest, I'm sure I would have the most delightful dreams ever.....I would blow up that picture and frame it, her sweet little hands gently holding out her found nest is just darling!

TJIC said...

Cute kids.

If you and David croak, I'll take them and the pugs!


mgster said...

Beautiful...just beautiful! Every word you wrote, every little thing they did, and every picture. Such a simple morning and such a lasting memory.

Anonymous said...

Cutest Fairy Sculpture ever! :) - Ms. TT

Ginger said...

Nana's home and yard sound so neat. Love the hydrangea and peony pictures. Beautiful!!