Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today was cleaning day. I am too exhausted to give you the entire boring story of cleaning each room, removing mounds of dog hair and doing loads of laundry. Trust me, it sucked.

One sweet lovely thing did come of it though. My children played with each other for over three hours.

This is what I found them doing.

The teddy bears were injured and bandaged repeatedly. There were broken arms, legs, noses and butts. An appendectomy and a tonsillectomy were performed. They were wheeled about the house in the wheelchair and just when it seemed that they were all healed...Whamo! A new injury that required a 911 call.

Also, please tell me that I am not the only one who has started putting away the summer clothes and taking out the fall clothes. Will doing this doom me to six more weeks of summer? Because, people, I am ready for some pumpkins!


mgster said...

All I know is if I was a teddy bear I would avoid your home! I felt like the poor teddy on the left was pleading silently to me..."save me, please!"

And your girls are pros with the bandaging.

Anonymous said...

Poor bears! At least they have competent medical staff :)

I'm with you on the cleaning, except in my case it was cat hair instead of dog. I could have made a small litter of kittens with the hair that was in the vacuum.

Saguaro Chick said...

Me ready for pumpkins!!! Me ready for pumpkins! However, I have to wait until days before halloween or they just spoil and get all mushy! Still to darn hot even in October! Every year I'm like....why do I live here? Why do I live here? My kids are even starting to ask. Why do we live here? It sure ain't because we love the heat. I cannot even remember if I liked living in snow or not, it has been soooooo long since I have lived in it. I do remember getting snowed in once when we lived up in Prescott about 12 years ago. I think I remember loving that at the time. I do remember I had lots of pumpkins up there! There even used to be a pumpkin festival up there every year I bought them at.