Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where the whores shop...

I know that it's been ages since I've had a good junk post, but my junking has diminished considerably this week. We've been in Back-to-School-Hell.

This week I discovered two things:

1. Rebecca has outgrown nearly every single piece of clothing from last fall and winter.

2. Replenishing her wardrobe is a nightmare.

Rebecca is one of the tallest girls in her class and she's not one of those skinny bean poles either, she's proportionally built to her height. Jeans never really fit her well, though I found one pair of Lucky Jeans at the junk store for 5.99 that fit her nicely. Mostly she lives in gauchos and leggings. Last year I found tons of great blousey knit tops that were great. They fit her beautifully, nothing was too tight and it was all age appropriate.

This year the style has changed. The crap that is being sold to the "tween" age group is simply appalling. The t-shirts are skin tight and in all of the awful flourescents that were ugly the first time that I lived through them in the eighties. None of it is pretty you know? We found some things that we could both live with, most of which were black. There were simply no pretty colors to be found.

We tried the Gap, which is not whorish, but doesn't fit her in the kids sizes. Justice is pre-whore central, though we found a few things. Sears, even good old sears had a strong "How to be a whore in three easy steps" section. Forget Kohls. Just do. I used to love that store.

The things offered at Lands End and LLBean are just boring. I miss the days when I could go into Gymboree and lose myself in those sweet ensembles. The whole thing would match, underwear, socks, hair ribbons, dress and tights.

So clothes shopping which should be fun, has been nothing but frustration as Rebecca tries things on only to find them too tight or just too awful. Finally I gave up and ordered some things from some very non whorish catalogs.

Today was also haircut day.

Lily wanted hers short.

Rebecca just needed a trim.

So after a full day of haircuts, a movie about special agent hamsters, failed clothes shopping, and forcing my children to try on their winter coats, snow pants and boots, guess what we did to relax?

We started (and finished) rearranging the furniture in Rebecca's room. Because I'm that kind of crazy. Now I'm just exhausted. Tomorrow we are staying home and tidying and cleaning the house. We will put the shame of the tween tart clothing expedition behind us and start the morning fresh and bright.


Anonymous said...

The girls look great. I just don't know how you could ever tart them up. As for your 80's color problem, on the first day God created bleach, and on the second day God created Rit.

Lisa said...

SO understand your clothes deliema. Hope you get something worked out!
Hugs, Lisa
ps the Hair cuts are great!

Karen said...

I find that a mix of "boring" Lands' End stuff (like jeans) and more exciting Target stuff (funky tops) usually works.

Ginger said...

I have the same problem with clothes. Everything looks like maternity tops. Who the heck is designing this crap?
The girls looks so pretty with their haircut/trim. Are they excited about school starting?

Pom Pom said...

I agree. It's sad. That's why I like the homesteaders who live deep in the Midwest, make prairie clothes, wear them, and don't have to deal with all the ugly stuff in the stores. I have to say though, since school started the girls in my classes look pretty plain, not too showy, just comfortable. Yay.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. The Princess will be 15 in November, and it's nearly impossible to find clothes for her. She wears a lot of black as well (she's very "anti-preppy, lol)

I may have to start going the catalog route as well.