Friday, August 14, 2009

I show my mother the sites.

Today my mother and I wasted no time in taking care of important business.

We went junking.

I took her to Urban Renewals, otherwise known as Heaven on Earth, and lo, miracles happened.

When we first arrived at the store my mother mentioned that she's been searching through her local thrift shops in Prescott Valley, Arizona for a copy of James Micheners book Hawaii. I told her that I have never noticed it in my adventures, but that I would be sure to keep an eye out for it.

We browsed using an elaborate system which I have developed. I scour the perimeter first, then the furniture area, then childrens clothes, followed by books, toys, shoes, womens dresses and nightgowns.

While in the furniture section my mother talked me into getting an adorable table for which I have no use. It was 9.99. As we sometimes like to say around here, "Can't afford not to!"

Anyway, after the furniture and the childrens clothes we arrived at the book section. Guess what my mother found? That's right, sitting there on the shelf, as if it had been waiting for her to arrive was a brand new copy of Hawaii for .99.

That my friends is the miracle of junk.

I found a number of treasures.

You can't see much of the table. It's oval and chippy.

Those are real chips and grime!

Look at the bottom. It needed me.

The Readers Digest Family Songbook. I bought it for David. He's very musical.

I got two of these red pedestal shelves for 1.99! I can't wait to use them in my dining room.

This mixing bowl with handle and spout will come in very handy for making cupcakes.

I think that I have mentioned that I love old luggage.
Look at the interior of this suitcase.

I love the details around the handles.

After junking I took my mom to lunch.

We went into Brookline Village, were we lunched at Zaftigs.

Zaftigs is an amazing Jewish style deli and restaurant.

What makes it jewish style you ask? Traife! Traife is anything considered unkosher such as ham, bacon, shellfish and putting cheese on meat, all of which are offered.

The name of the restaurant should tell you something about this wonderful place. Zaftig is a yiddish word which originally meant juicy, succulent. It has come to refer to round and full women. Don't come here on a diet. It's succulence will be wasted on you.

You know that I don't believe in diets- so boring! I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich. Sounds tame, huh? Check it out!

Grilled challah slices with melted swiss and cheddar. I am drooling.

My mom got the pastrami sandwich.

She ate every bite. Readers, she even used her fingers to pick up the last little bits of pastrami.

I'll say it again, diets are for boring people.

We took home cupcakes. My mom and I brought home coconut cupcakes. I wish I had another one to nibble on right now...

It was a good day of food and junk and company.

On Sunday I will be blogging about a very special object which I inherited from my memere. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Coconut cupcakes! Adorable luggage! I want to go junking! I have no room for anything junklike you understand, or should i say no more room? My junk is more junky than yours. Ok some of the stuff i've saved is crap.

Can I move in? ;)
-Ms. Twinkle Toes

Cheryl Duford said...

Phew! I was concerned the jet leg might keep you 2 from junking today. All is right with the world. As an aside, I was originally told that tomorrow was lunch. Rick agreed to go. Then came the email about breakfast at 9. WTF? Rick backed out. I'm a trooper and will be there. Loaded and locked!

Nina Manolson said...

You know I have had that very same day! It is heaven. Well, maybe my food choices were a bit different, but the overall gestalt is the same. And the deep joy of it all is what it's all about!

Tons of Love,


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm jealous of your junk stores! The ones around here are too expensive, except for the Habitat store, where the good stuff gets snatched up in two seconds. I'm off to the State Fairgrounds flea market this morning--my first time!--in hopes of finding junking nirvana. I'll let you know ...


Ginger said...

I love all the things you found while you were out junking. You always find the cutest things. That's amazing that you found the book your mom was looking for. What are the odds of that happening?
Lunch looks delicious. I agree with you, diets are boring, especially if you are going out to eat.

Lisa said...

Oh you can just pack that all in the case and it send it my way! You really lucked out!!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Saguaro Chick said...

The family that junks together.....stays