Monday, August 31, 2009

Jeans and junk...

First of all, curse you Levi's!

At Urban Renewals last week I bought a pair of jeans that I love. I love these jeans so much that I want to marry them and have their sweet little perfect fit babies. Unfortunately, Levi's does not want me to do that since not only are these jeans no longer in production, they were unable to tell me what the style number is so that I can hunt them down on Ebay and buy them up. When I called the Levi's toll free number, the woman I spoke with told me that they don't keep the style numbers of discontinued jeans on file. Doesn't this seem fishy to you? Once the nice lady told me that there was no way to track down these old jeans, she helpfully suggested a new style for me. Sorry lady. If you had seen my butt in these jeans you would understand why these are the only jeans on planet earth for me. Now I will have to spend my remaining days in this world searching for these jeans in every dark thrift store I can find.

In other news a miracle happened. It is called, "My children were both invited on a three hour playdate!"

First the girls and I spent the morning at the Museum of Science watching an Omni Movie about the Amazon and going into the live butterfly garden. After a delightful visit I dropped the girls off at their friends house and did the only thing a woman with three free hours could do. I junked.

Off to Global Thrift I went in search of untold treasures. I was not disappointed.

I love bowls with stripes. They thrill me.

Why yes those are purple snakeskin Sanita clogs! Barely worn. I will wear them every blessed chance I get because they are totally my style.

I am probably going to paint the frame of this mirror red!

I think that this strawberry embroidery thingy is my favorite.

Someone worked hard on it.

After the junk store I went to the grocery store all by myself where no asked me to buy Lucky Charms or beef jerky.

Sometimes that's all a mom can ask for.


Karen said...

OK, I give. As soon as school starts, you're taking me junking with you.

Anonymous said...

If you can take a few pictures of the leather label on the pants, I might be able to get you the style number. Email me if your interested and I'll tell you how to take the pictures. And if there is a bunch of numbers on the pants like:

852 01
977 0601 090434-6

I should be able to get you the style number.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. I have bowls that I love but I use like 3 of them. Your enthusiasm is contagious. xo Mari

Lisa said...

Oh great day! SO sorry you can't find more of the jeans! It is always the way!
Great finds!
Hugs, Lsia

Anonymous said...

Sanita clogs, are you kidding me! I am remembering the coach bag you found! You are the queen of junking!

Anonymous said...

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