Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michael uses his powers for good and more junking!

Yesterday after my rant about Levi's one of my readers, Michael, left me a comment letting me know that he might be able to help me track down my new favorite jeans. In a separate email he asked me to take some pictures of my jeans and the label and send them to him so that he could use his spidey powers to find more.

It's not every day that a strange man from the internet asks me to photograph my jeans so of course I did what every web savvy safety conscious women would do in this situation- I made sure to use a flash so that every detail was illuminated.

I sent the pictures off and Michael let me know that he'd give me some news in the morning. Readers, I wish that I received this level of service from my bank. Michael emailed me later today with sad news that my jeans are both discontinued and possibly counterfeit. What did make me smile was the subject line of that sad email, "There's always chocolate". He understands me so well.

Michael thank you so much for the great effort you put forth in my search for the greatest jeans of my life. It was very sweet and the next time you need someone to track down some junk, I'm your girl!

Michael also asked what David thought of me taking pictures of my jeans to send to a strange man. Well, David is in LA right now schmoozing and hob-nobbing, but I can assure you that after you've seen your wife spend 16 hours painting fake bricks on a driveway during a heat wave, nothing is particularly shocking.

Today my pal Heather wanted to do something completely insane. She wanted us to take her two kids and my two kids to the junk store for some back to school shopping. Mostly the kids were really good and even ate Indian food for lunch with us afterwards.

I have to take a moment to say that the biggest score of the day was Heather's. Just as we were getting ready to leave she spotted it: The coat of her dreams. It's camel colored and has these amazing fringy fluffery collar and cuffs. The most amazing thing is that it fit her perfectly. Heather is six feet tall and to say that she is stacked would be understatement. Finding things that fit that perfectly is rare. She was positively giddy and I bet that she sleeps with it tucked under her pillow tonight.

A huge part of my haul was clothes for the kids and a coat and a few dresses for me. I did find a few good pieces of junk though.

This strawberry printed carry-all will be great for holding towels or magazines. Maybe I'll use it to stockpile my chocolate in.

I heart traincases, especially red ones. This one might end up holding craft paint.

I lurve this color green. It's so perky and optomistic.

Fancy water bowl for the dogs when they are in David's office. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, it's important to be pretty.

Red jewelery boxes always come in handy.

And what is this? What are those horrible green things that Lily picked out at the junk store which now lay on her bed next to her Disney princess walkie talkies?

Yup. Incredible Hulk boxing gloves.

I blame TJIC for this one.


Karen said...

Heather & I used to joke about opening a store just for REALLY big and REALLY small things (like shoes, bras, etc.).

Anonymous said...

I was able to authenticate the label. The jeans you have are real Levis so mind your butt. Unfortunately like you, there are millions of people the world over desperate for discontinued Levi styles and the Chinese seem to being making knock offs. So girls, be careful out there.

Julie said...

Just stumbled across your blog the other day. So glad I did. What do you do with all this stuff? Great finds by the way.

Anonymous said...

David is in LA right now schmoozing and hob-nobbing.

Is schmoozing the forest fire and hob-nobbing the hurricane?

Anonymous said...

Julie, Boston is such an old city that crap is lying around everywhere, even the harbor.

Now I feel like I'm using my powers for evil.

Anyway, I've lived in Connecticut and NYC. The population density of the east coast creates lots of opportunity for antiques and second hand stores.

If I had the budget, I'd fly there once a quarter just to shop.

Lisa said...

Very cool! Sorry about the jeans! But the Hulk gloves are great we've had a few pairs! Great way to keep the kinds in line! Definitely use the bag for chocolate!
Hugs, Lisa

thea said...

try ebay anyways. put in whatever info you do have and just give it a shot every once in a while. That's how I stay in my fave discontinued jeans (for $5 a pair)

Julie said...

We don't have very many 2nd hand shops here and they act like they are selling gold. I was amazed at the $2.99 tag on the bowl. It would be at least $10-20 in one of the stores here. I will have to live vicariously through her shopping.

Anonymous said...

Oh noo the grooves on the HULK nails are driving me insane!!!!
-Ms. TT

David W. Padrusch said...

Shmooze. Hob nob. Cough. Hack. Shmooze. Hob nob. Cough. Hack. Repeat.