Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rain and quiet...

Rain soothes me.

I could never live in a place where the weather is always nice. I find too much sunshine oppressive.

"Go out and enjoy the weather!" people chide.

I like a sunny day, but I love the relief of rain. Rain means that I can stay inside and catch up on things. If it's a cold rain like we've been having today it's even better. Cold rain means that all of the windows are closed. When the windows are closed the only sounds I hear are the ones inside my house.

The girls playing.

The dogs snoring.

The gentle hum of the dryer.

Today the girls and I spent some time organizing the play area in the attic. It's not a fancy space. The attic is unfinished, though it has hardwood floors. The rafters are bare and there are only two small windows. The girls love it. It's especially wonderful on cool rainy days; the steady drum of rain on the roof makes this space feel especially cozy.

The attic is the doll space. Last year we moved most of the American Girl dolls, clothes and furniture up there. All summer it was too hot to play up there, but now it is perfect. The beds are lined up and the clothes hung up. A tea party is planned for the dolls.

After the attic I sat down with some of Rebecca's workbooks and wrote out some lesson plans for the week. Then I made my grocery list and clipped my coupons. The laundry is put away. Lily's lunch is made for school tomorrow.

I am ready for the week to begin...


Pom Pom said...

Take some more pictures of the cozy doll place. I love those!

Lisa said...

Oh what a lovely Sunday! Enjoy the rain!
Hugs, Lisa

Ginger said...

The attic space sounds really neat. How fun for the girls to have their "stuff" up there.
You are so darn organized...I envy you.
It's warm here, but supposed to cool down later in the week. I love the cool mornings and evenings though.